Currently Vol. 2

It’s always Sunday somewhere. And <10 hours away from Sunday local time almost counts.


  • READING *nerd alert* my CE155 book, Matrix Structural Analysis. I have an upcoming exam this Monday. And I badly need to get back in the acads game.
  • WRITING *nerd alert 2.0* (typing, actually) alien codes into excel for the said exam. Admittedly, 5% of the time, I’m productively typing. The 95%’s dedicated to my passionate staring at the screen, hoping some wizardry does decide to exhibit itself to the world this 2015.
  • LISTENING to Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again because FF7 hangover.
  • THINKING if I should make a banana-Nutella sandwich. Because chocolate. But the standing from the couch and the making– ugh, decisions.
  • SMELLING nothing. Honestly, I find this part weird. Why would I deliberately smell something? Is smelling things a normal thing?
  • WISHING myself all the luck for the heavy loaded weeks ahead.
  • HOPING I can go on a backpacking trip this December. Still far, but crossing my fingers. I do need to ace this semester first for my parents to allow me though.
  • WEARING the same thing I was wearing yesterday– this shade of pink top, and boxers (lazy af outfit).
  • LOVING that I have the most awesome and supportive family ever. Legit.
  • WANTING a break. I know, I just had one. But it hurts to see beach pictures every time I open my Instagram, when here I am, praying to all the gods for some exam miracle.
  • NEEDING luck. A lot of it. Hard work never always pays off right.
  • FEELING light and heavy? Idk. I’m not stressed as I should be, and I’m not sure if that should be a good thing.
  • CLICKING Singapore guides and airline sites. Haha. But I promised myself, no legit planning until this sem ends. My plans should be directly proportional to my grades this semester.

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