Currently Vol.3

No, I’m not at the beach (rewind to 2 weeks ago please). I’m drowning instead in exams and schoolworks. But still, here I am typing, and fixing my art haul. I definitely need to set my priorities. (And stop scrolling through old beach photos.)


  • READING berlin-artparasites posts. Word of caution: have your life vests ready. You will drown in emotions.
  • WRITING the alphabet like a 5 year old. And squiggly lines too! I’ve been working on my handwriting with traditional ink. (Yay for new art materials) And the amount of ways to write a single letter is overwhelming me at the moment.
  • LISTENING to Begin Again’s Soundtrack. Definitely my go-to good vibes playlist.
  • THINKING of how I should spend my remaining Sunday hours. Never enough time on weekends.
  • SMELLING blankets. And cookies.
  • WISHING I was Keira Knightley. #goalz 😂
  • HOPING I can keep my sanity for the dreaded last month of school.
  • WEARING grey boxers and a red and white striped tank top. Though will shower and change after this. Dad needs to replenish office papers, and I’m going with for some books/art supplies.
  • LOVING calligraphy tutorials. Bought a new set of materials from The Craft Central, and though I said I won’t open them until after the semester: boo hoo self: 0 self control. Now I need more ink and nibs!
  • WANTING $$$ Please let money be downloadable as well.
  • NEEDING a haircut– my bangs are everywhere and my head semi looks like a bird’s nest right now.
  • FEELING meh. Like a lagging phone or something. Maybe it’s PMS, or the heat, or why I’m 20 and still don’t have superpowers. Meh.
  • CLICKING through Pinterest boards. Best digital inspo board around (aside from Tumblr, that is).

Hope my coming week (and yours) won’t be as toxic as the last.

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