Instamood: April

1. Achievement unlocked: Already ticked off 4 places from my 2015 travel bucket list before May kicks in.

2. Climbed a mountain as Holy Week sacrifice. And dad’s pre-birthday celeb after.

3-7. My exam was moved + long weekend holiday = spontaneous 3-day Zambales trip with HS friends! //High school never ends.

8. Okay, now I’m facing reality with exam selfie breakdowns.

9. Not so lil bro graduated high school. #stagesister In 3 months, we’ll be spending college in the same uni. We might kill each other then.

10-11. Always have time for my first love: #ahrt. Trying out calligraphy, currently bad at it.

12. 12B girlz (and our kaartehan).

13. Movie night with batchmates. *harthart* Watched Unfriended. Meh. Though, haven’t opened Skype since. Haha.

14-16. *heart eyes* VISITED PINTO ART GALLERY! FINALLY! Let’s just pretend I’m not that happy. (I am. Huhu creys. I really am.)

April, you have been awesome!

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