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The Sunday Currently

The past week has been beyond amazing. Thank you HK for being sunny all throughout the week! My Hong Kong vacay has aftereffects on my wallet, my waist, and my emotional stability (lol). But still, sanity shall prevail! So I sucked it up and dragged my feet to the airport to fly back home. (It was hard for realz.) And its back to reality tomorrow. *cue real manly tears*


  • (BACK)READING hanging conversations. It’s just now that I’m checking back on my emails, messages, and accounts. Can I just stay on vacation forever?
  • WRITING possible schedules for next semester. Enlistment of subjects ends tomorrow. This is what I get to go home to: Acads! *cries again* Take me back to HK please.
  • LISTENING to Uptown Funk x Lips Are Moving mash-up by Sam Tsui. On loop. Using it as background music for the video diary I’m making. Been playing with iMovie for hours now and I still don’t know what I’m doing. Noob.
  • THINKING on how will I ask for permission for a December trip. Is it too soon? Can I just have a job in the travel industry?
  • SMELLING cool moist air. The rain saved me! My luck is damn scary; I barely had any absences because of the suspension of classes in Mnl while I was away. But now I think there has to be some kind of jinx or at least a kickback into my luck. Please, no.
  • WISHING midyear classes don’t get extended.
  • HOPING my cousin’s job interview for the interior design thing goes well.
  • WEARING jersey shorts, loose button down.
  • LOVING everything about last week. I think it will be over a month ’til I get over it.
  • WANTING to suddenly have new furnitures. Lol like a tita. Ikea stalking and window shopping do me no good.
  • NEEDING $$$!
  • FEELING nostalgic and sentimental. Maybe because rain.
  • CLICKING CRS page. Last two sems. Konting kapit nalang.

Video and photo diaries of my Hong Kong trip will be up soon. Also, I’m planning to print a photo book. #goals I just need a new scanner for my typography prints. Really excited for this ever since I found a site that offers high quality printing for a reasonable price. No need to store 4Rs on boxes! Still, $$$ should really grow on trees. In different currencies na para less hassle. Haha.

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