Currently Vol.22

The Sunday Currently Vol.22

Sunday morning, rain is falling. (Steal some covers, share some skin.)


  • READING Love, Rosie. Still. Unto finishing this tonight. Because messed up priorities.
  • WRITING nothing in particular at the moment. Just this.
  • LISTENING. Not listening, instead, I’m watching this short animation film right now. Is so cheesy. But so cute. *vomits rainbows*
  • THINKING should I eat? Should I not? Should I coffee? Is that even a question?
  • SMELLING hmmm, I smell food being heated down the kitchen so I might stop typing and go there nao.
  • WISHING “Internet, pleaaazzzz be faster.” Yes, go on, go finish downloading my book 3 days from now, when my exam is over.
  • HOPING for a whole week suspension. (Not wishing for rain, just suspension lelz)
  • WEARING a red shirt maybe 3x larger than my size. 
  • LOVING Cole Sprouse’s Halloween costume (Milo Thatch), but mostly just Cole Sprouse is enough to love. Oh god arms, oh god aesthetics, oh god everything.
  • WANTING Cole Sprouse, no joke. Okay, I’ll settle with a slice of cake. Or banoffee. Or passing exams. I’ll go with passing exams.
  • NEEDING to start studying. But no.
  • FEELING cold. Wala bang mag-ooffer ng jacket? Jk. Feeling happy despite the rain, and surprisingly chill (literal and not).
  • CLICKING more Cole Sprouse photos. I should stop.

Hope everyone’s night is warm. Stay safe. And in love: #Lando #Landi lol k bye. Here’s to making cancelled classes productive!

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