Five Favorite Bloggers

a5 Favorite Bloggers

(Nagprapractice akong magdrawing ng 1×1. Chos.)
So this is what I’ve been watercoloring on my free time lately. Just wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs (and people) which are part of my life constants. These which I’m constantly refreshing by the day–hoping a new post comes up and I get a new read, even if just a recap of their day. So I’m putting my thoughts and these illustrations (though shitty as they are) out as a tribute to these bloggers. Maybe they’ll notice me. Hi, am a fan! I love you. LOL.


*edit: I got In Case You Come Back na. Huhu legit happiness.









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Louise Ramos

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  • Alyssa Lapid

    oh hi! This is the sweetest <3 thank you so much it's an honor to be rendered by talent (and in a list with such great company too!) 🙂

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  • Girl, you are just as creative as they are! I’m currently on mobile and I can’t view your blog as a whole but I’m liking what I’m seeing. The personal touch on your blog is lovely. ❤️

    • Really made my day. You’re too sweet! Thank you so much Michelle! ❤️

  • You really have a talent. Amazing drawings with the amazing bloggers. Cool! Btw, most of your fave are mine as well. Hahaha!

    • Still have a long way to go with watercolor, compared to Jamie and Abbey here. Haha. But thanks a lot Rejoyce! :”>

  • I just read this! Your sketches are amazing. I always admire talented people like you who could do portraits. Thank you so much Louise! And super funny ng hashtags mo kay Abbey! HAHA! I love it! xx

    • Qumoquota ako sa kilig and fangirling this week. HAHA. Never knew this post would reach you guys. Thank you Jamie! Really. <3

  • I love these bloggers and I love your art style. The one of Jamie Catt’s is probably my fave. I don’t know how often you draw and paint but you should definitely do it more. 😀

    • Aww. Thanks a lot Kaye! Was actually considering whether I should watch a movie or paint right now, and then I saw your comment. Haha. So I’m going to paint instead :))

  • Your drawings are pretty. Abbey and Camie are also my favorite bloggers. The way you did this post is creative: drawings plus handwritten notes. I like it. ☺

  • Your sketches are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE THEM! I love those bloggers as well but I’m more updated with Camie. Hahaha!

    xx, Janine | Wandering Ella

    • Thank you! <3 Pero true, it's Camie and Abbey that I follow EVERYWHERE. Haha.

  • Such talent, Lou!! Jamie’s my favorite one from those you made. <3

    • ❤️ Thank you as always Richel. :”>; I admire Jamie’s painting skills. Huhu. They’re so classy and pleasing to the eyes. Hers and Abbey’s were the first I finished, kasi sabi ko nakakahiya sa skills nila pag di man lang todo effort for my drawings of them hahaha.

  • LOVE your art! I also love that you hand-wrote everything. I think I’m going to lurk around your blog to look at your other creations! 🙂

    • Aww. Thanks a lot Shayne! 🙂 Hope you had fun lurking. Haha.

  • This post is cute! and I agree with you, I love all these bloggers!

    • Thank you Chrizzia! Funny how we can get attached to people we never even met personally.

  • Ohmigad! Believe it or not, I tried drawing my fave bloggers before as well, to feature them on my blog but I ditched the idea because my drawings didn’t give justice to how they really look in real life. Hahaha. They were more of like avatar-ish though. Reading this, you inspired me to continue the idea. xD I just noticed, we have almost the same favorite bloggers, and thanks for your post, I got to discover other bloggers as well! 🙂 Btw, your art is lovely!

    • Aww. :> Thank you! Try drawing them again then post it this time. Would love to read the list of blogs you read, if that made sense. Haha.

  • THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!! I’m jealous of your drawing & coloring skills 🙁