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Looking for: Muse.
I need a muse. Contrary to the start of the year, I have been in a constant rut. No ideas seem to be coming out of me and I have been making #ahrt less and less. Everything just seems uninteresting. Is this my graduating syndrome? (OMG GRADUATING THIS SUNDAY!) But why-tf is it affecting my art space. All I could think about is the coming weekend, and our Seoul trip–of which I haven’t even planned an itinerary yet. (And YAS! Got our visas! And I am being bipolar here, huhu, k.) I don’t even know how I’m spending/wasting my time! (Or maybe I’m watching too much dramas.)

So I’m trying to get back into habit. I haven’t done a good (or even ok. Well, for me) watercolor in a month or more. So I ditched it for the meantime. And I even have a commissioned piece due in a week. (Thank you for trusting me still, lol. Shameless plug: I do commissions! Help me fund my gala and travel, and going-places-before-I’m-30 goalzz! Email me at for inquiries.) Thus, I’m picking up my pens again. So holy mother of everything pretty and nice, bless me now with art pixie dust. ❤️

Again, I’m talking/typing too much. Anyway, I’ve been doing black-and-whites. As I don’t trust myself with my colors yet again. And it’s nice to be able to do something freehand. Though I’m still thinking too much while doing so. Which I should really stop.

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Also, inspired by Da’s comment before, I’m planning to do an art tambay! Like a mini workshop of some sort. Would anyone be interested? It’ll be for free or of minimal fee (say Php 150-200 just for space reservation?) Hopefully, I’ll be back in my game before that! I’ll be bringing in most of my art stuff for everyone to use, and kind of preparing myself if I do want to hold workshops in the near future. And I get to meet people off the internet. (Stalker me HAHA) Kind souls, comment what do you want to learn? And if you do wanna join, what days are you best free?

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  • I really love your artwork Lou!!!

    • Replying extra extra late, but thanks a lot Kea!! ❤️

  • Congrats on graduating and on the Korean VISA, Lou!! Looking forward to your Korea posts. The art tambay sounds like a really great idea? Like Da said, the basics would be amazing for people who have no art skillzz – like me, haha!

    • Thank you Richel! So excited for Korea! And the art tambay din. Haha. Sobrang gulo ko lately, I have so many things I wanna do and I’m just all over the place. Fresh grad thing I think. LOL. But if I get to push the art tambay through, hope to meet you!

  • Bee

    I love your drawings. Ahhh, I wish I have a talent like that. Yay, enjoy your trip to Seoul and congrats on graduating! x

    • Thank you Bee!! Congrats to you too. OMG HOW TO ADULT NA NYAN? :))

  • Nice works! 🙂

  • Yaaay for the art tambay! But I do’nt know where to begin because ~as far as I know~ I have 0 drawing skills. Hahaha! So maybe start with the basics? I’m free during weekends. 😉

    • Huhu I have board exam review during weekends. (Pero weekend din gusto ko LOL) Hoping I have a free weekend soon so I can sched it up. 🙂

  • You really got some skills. Wish I could draw like that. Haha! Anyway, congratulations on your graduation. Yay!

  • Your art is magical! You add such mysterious tones in the way you draw their features. It’s marvelous.

  • Your ability to draw freehand is enviable. x

  • If only I’m not halfway across the world, I’d love to go on one of your workshops!!!

    • Aww. Thanks a lot Chrizzia! Maybe next time you’re back in the PH!