#WRULou: Real, Quezon

Real Quezon

Got a chance to go out with my batchmates before graduation (and before board exam review–which I’m doing on weekends now, and I want to put it out there: It sucks. HAHA *cries in a corner and dies*). Also, despite me being lazy af in even moving photos from my memory card to my laptop, I somehow managed to be kind of productive and make a photo diary for this trip. Mostly because I need to clear up all my memory cards. Korea in less than a week! KoreYAY! (And I still don’t have an itinerary *cries again, but does not die because I need to go to Korea first, luh* I’m secretly just hoping I get to see Running Man film /dreams, haay/ or see Ryu Jun Yeol /swoons, haaaaay some more/) Pwede bang yun nalang itinerary ko, mangstalk the whole trip?!

Anyway, leaving everything in photos and echos side comments on our pre-grad, post-thesis stay in Real and Infanta, Quezon. I might miss college, yes. But mostly just because of this people. 12B is ❤️! Still, I’m so stoked for what’s next. Except maybe for the unemployed part. I have too many things on my bucket list that I cannot not have any form of $$$ inflow.












We stayed on weekdays, and for most of the time, we had the place to ourselves! Yas! Do check the weather before going though–I’m pretty sure the cabanas aren’t waterproof. We were lucky we had great weather for our whole stay. So good that my skin is burnt up ’til now! Also because I’ve been beach hopping every week. And forgetting sunblock multiple times. (Making excuses that every roadtrip/purchase is a reward for graduating. Sino niloloko ko?) Really though, so glad to have spent my college years with these people, and a few more ++.

Been eyeing Real Surf even before they opened. Because art + social media stalking skillz, yas. Took me this long to get to visit. Still, I find it nice having artsy hostels pop up and gain recognition! (ELYU IS FOREVER <3)

You can reach Real Surf through the following:
Facebook: Real Surf PH
Instagram: @RealSurfPH

Disclaimer: not a sponsored post. Hayst. LOL. Also, credits to Aerholl for taking some of the photos used in this post.

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  • It’s so cute the way you post your photos!! I love it!


    • Replying extra extra late, but thanks a lot Sheena! ❤️ And OMG, can I fangirl? HAHA. Following you on Tumblr from then pa and your illustrations are too cute!! :>

  • I deeply enjoyed the photos you have here, so creative! But I was distracted by the mention of Ryu Jun Yeol, you HAVE TO find him!! <3

  • Bee

    Ahhhh, your photo collage is AHRT. I love it. Love the scenery din. I wish I could go there soon. x

    Bee | Sincerely, Bee ♡.

    • ❤️ Thanks Bee! The place is so chill! They’re gaining a following on social media, so it’s best to go during weekdays when there’s less people. 🙂

  • Your collages are so pretty!!! I can’t get enough of them. What fonts do you use though?

    • Thanks Shealea! Did not use any font. It’s my handwriting! Haha.

  • This is so nice, Louise! I really love the collage!! Galing. Anyhoo, I also want to go there. The place looks really chill and nice. So picturesque. And oh, so many activities, too. I’ll definitely put this on my a-must-to-go-list. Thank you for sharing. <3

    • Thank you April! Do go and visit! 🙂 Halos no hassle commuting there.

  • Lou

    Waah, I love the way how you collage your photos and put words on it. Lou, can I ask what fonts did you use sa collage mo? if you don’t mind me asking. 🙂

    • Thank you Lou!! I didn’t use any fonts, everything written’s actually my handwriting. Haha.

  • Wah!! I love the collage <3 That place looks really nice, I love the idea that there's no reception! Really pushes you to find new things to do haha

    • Hahaha yes yes! It was nice trying to stray away from my usual attached-to-my-phone self. I should really try to do that more often. Thanks Chrizzia! ❤️

  • I’m planning to go to Real later this month. I’ll check out that resort, it’s too cute not to go to! Btw, I love your layout! 🙂


    • Instagram worthy place, I swear! And the staff are friendly too. 🙂