#WRULou: Seoul, Korea (Teaser)

I might as well have kicked myself off the blogosphere. And I have no excuses to make as to why. (Ang tamad tamad ko okay?)

On lyfff~ lately: I’m back from Korea! No photo diary or vlog or whatever people from the internetzzz do/post on the internet can *waves hands everywhere, frantically*, sum up (idk what I’m saying) or explain my emotions for this trip. Feels bro. Feels.

5ever wishing to have been born Koryana. But don’t want to redo my life, mahirap, so wag nalang. So instead, I promise to be back. (Both in KR and on this site.) Pushing aside my travel goals-slash-plans and inserting returning to my self-proclaimed ~home~ within two years.
Side story: I legit cried at one point during the trip because I was //jeongmal haengboghan// lol, didn’t need Google translate for that. Mej Korean pa magsalita yung utak ko for the past days. Need to marry Ryu Jun Yeol na kasi. P.S. I got my parents’ blessing para shut up na daw ako. HAHAHA.

Skipping every other thought from my brain right now. First, I gotta hustle again for our board exam! Eww. And juggling that with my part time in Hey Kessy. (#HKBetterAndBrighter party on July 31! It’s free for all! Crafts + drinks, yas.) Also, this blog. On the process of editing vids and photos. Chos nalang sa mga backlogs ko, Korea beats all of you. So leaving here a GIF teaser. (Because I can’t edit the code for the video to loop, and it’s 2 am, I have no time to debug and sht.) Also, kind of warning you of vanity shots. Kind of.

Korea Teaser

P.P.S. Oh god. Self, dami mong time magPhotoshop and all. Sana sa review din ah?

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Louise Ramos

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  • Love your GIF photo!!! So cute!!

    Sheena | http://www.sheenalovessunsets.com

    • Thanks a lot Sheena! Love seeing/making GIFs! ♥️

  • You beat me here Lou, I’ve never been to South Korea. 🙂
    And I love your GIF photo, it’s so creative and full of character! Good job! 🙂

    • Thanks Melai!! #travelgoals ka pa rin! HAHA. No doubt, you’ll get to visit too soon! Am a huge of Korean everything so I’m like a jumpy kid with candy the whole time. :))

  • How you make all these photos and gifs are truly outstanding. I wish I could do something like that. 😀

    I’m tremendously sure that you had a blast in Korea. A lot of my friends are going there, recently.

  • Welcome back, Lou! Looks like you had a really great time in Korea! Haha. The GIF teaser looks cute, too. <3 Can't wait for to hear about the entire experience.

  • Annyeonghaseyoooooooo~! 😀 Welcome back from Korea, Lou!