Zambales Photobook


I have lotsa other things I could post but here’s another photobook–and a backlog one at that.
This Zamba trip was more than a year ago, but I miss the people in it so so much–thus me opening my ataul of old photos in my hard drive. Heh. One of em’s halfway ’round the world, and the other is halfway ’round the metro, getting consumed by med school. And I’m here, halfway to blowing my head off–despite having study breaks longer than my study periods themselves.

Our lives are cray.

And already had these ordered for printing! Will check out how Photobook prints them. I’ve got a few vouchers for softbound gloss books and not really keeping my expectations up. I really like how Fotogra prints my books, so that’ll be tough to beat. Nevertheless, trying this out for local travel logs since the vouchers I got were cheap.

*Plugging: If you enjoy reading zines and still pledge to read the printed word, Local Loca will have a pop-up in Cubao Expo on Saturday, October 1! Paper Sniffers! There’ll be lotsa #ahrt stuff, and zines, and paper sniffing. And get to meet cool people, lol. See you, I’ll be dropping by because YAS ZINES YAS!*


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