Moodboard: What’s up Feb?

2017 is going by too fast. I’ve had a lot of things coming at me (like ~lyf~ bombarding me levels) that I’m srsly not ready for. January has been my iyaq-nalang-bes stage. And the universe is asking me “Do you have a plan?” I’m floating, and floating, and floa…

Phoebe Pla

And today, I’ve finally been hit.

This month of feelings (all be it kulang sa love) is clearly my realization stage. That yes, Louise, you are now out of college (and out of $$$), you’ve got to get your life together now; bawal na magpakalokaloka.
I’ve always been the girl with the pla~n. I’m a Monica. Not a Phoebe. Most of the times, I have too many plans. So it was difficult for me to accept things when none of my plans were falling into place. They’re there. But they’re everywhere.

Feb Moodboard

But February has been good. Not the best, but good enough. I’m learning to take things as they are. I’m learning to love myself, and just love. Inhaling a little air of Phoebe into my life. “It’s a tiring month.” I sleep in on the weekends. “I haven’t seen my friends.” I set us up a movie date. “I miss college. Gusto ko magwalwal.” I buy myself some beer for god’s sake. “I hate this job, di ako masaya.” Gaga ka, don’t quit. Yet. You’re not even sure what is your job. Just keep holding on to your passion. So I draw on breaks, nights, whenever I could. I push away my negative thoughts and I learn to look at the small things that make me happy–writing, blogging, paint, fabrics and sequins, Kdramas, sweater weather, tacos, white mocha from Equatorial Coffee, and make time for those. Oh, and removing my bra at the end of a looong day.
I’m still learning. And so far, good signs are coming up.

So when people ask me, “What’s your plan?” I answer, “I’m just letting things roll.”
And also, I’m facing March head on.



Louise Ramos

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  • Teesh

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but ‘You’re young!!’! Jobs could be hits and misses, and having a job you don’t like helps you have an idea what kind of work you like doing and will definitely help you out in the future. I know fresh grad me would be annoyed at this advice, but stick it out a little. I always say give yourself at least 6 months to wade into the waters before deciding how much you hate it (and if you hate it enough to start job hunting again). I’ve come to terms with the fact that I need money for my needs, and money to pursue my passion (until it starts to pay my bills) 🙂

    • Yeah, also promised my dad that I’ll stick it out. Am just happy (and lucky!) that my family is supportive on whatever career path I end up with–engineering or art. Really just hoping it all works out in the end. Thanks for the advice, Teesh

  • Elisa Liddell

    figuring out what to do next is not an easy step, let alone figuring out life. i get annoyed when people push me to the edge and nag me by asking if i have figured everything out in my life because no, i haven’t (and people are making that sound like i have sinned, lol)

    anyway, i love how you arrange your moodboard. it’s very artistic omg, i love it!


    • Thanks again Elisa!! 🙂 Yep, I feel the same way with those naggers. Trying to not inhale the pressure and just go happily along my own pace.

  • Anna

    Best of luck! It’s so hard knowing what to do next in life. But you’ll figure it out one day, we all will!

    Much love

    Zu Hause

    • Thanks Anna! Sucks to be so lost but crossing fingers that my one day will be soon enough.

  • Izzy McLeod

    Good luck with letting things roll, I’m sure you’ll boss March. I’m definitely a Phoebe :’)

    the Quirky Queer

    • Thank you, Izzy!! Phoebe has always been my fave character!