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Seoul in Photographs

If you’re here, you’ll know how much I love South Korea – kdramas, kpop, cushions and face masks – and I’m finally going back! Here’s a photo book of my last trip in Seoul.

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Zambales Photobook

I have lotsa other things I could post but here’s another photobook–and a backlog one at that. This Zamba trip was more than a year ago, but I miss the people in it so so much–thus me opening my ataul of old photos in my hard drive. Heh. One of em’s halfway ’round the world, and […]

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Everland Photo Diary

Finally! The first of my many Seoul photo diaries which would probably take forever to finish. (Life update: upped from an intern to being part of Hey Kessy’s marketing team and managing HK’s social media. Like gaaah!! But that + fake reviewing for the board exams + taking on the challenge to be a Pokemon […]

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Birthday Month Haul

New month again! So I’ve got another roundup of my monthly haul + a few gifts I’ve received from friends this March. I did some kind of a spree this month–because birthday. Everything’s supposed to be reasonable. Even midnight internet impulse buys. Haha. P.S. This is a long haul.

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Thailand Photobook

Ending my Bangkok series with a photobook–which in 3 weeks, I’ll have as a hard copy–like legit printed. Waaay excited for that! I keep it old school and have some my shots printed still on 5″x7″ and stick them in albums; and the idea of getting them on just one book per trip always called […]

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The Sunday Currently

Currently Vol.28

My week has been busy. Had a lot of things to catch up on (and not just TV shows this time), then also had a few wtf episodes (aka flat tire when I had to thesis in an expressway, wew timing wew, but thank god for batchmates ♥️), and generally just lifed. Like most nights […]

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