The Sunday Currently Vol.23

nCurrently Vol.23

Been internet-life MIA. And that does not mean I’m having real-life action. Crey. Currently like the living dead; and with pimples popping out of my face and eyebags determined to go suck themselves to the innermost of my soul, I should probably be wishing I am indeed dead. But I have successfully booked myself rooms for my Indochina trip next month (on a very impulsive, I just didn’t want to study way) so I guess I’m staying alive ’til that. Life so wew.


  • READING Love Is the Higher Law by David Levithan.
  • WRITING typo things I would later scan to turn into stickers and overlays.
  • LISTENING to Hide Away by Daya.
  • THINKING ’bout my expenses lately. And then internally panicking. And almost externally crying. Self, y u no have control?!
  • SMELLING coffee shop smell because I’m currently in CBTL judging people judging me.
  • WISHING for an all pass sem, aka a miracle. And wishing so as I place my photocopied notes as props atop my table. Cries again.
  • HOPING the next weeks won’t be too gruesome. I can sense the blood spill that is the end of the semester. Huhu mommy.
  • WEARING stripes shirt, high waist jeans, mom’s sandals.
  • LOVING me time. Which will be short lived. And my bookstore haul this morning. Heh. This is why I’m broke.
  • WANTING Sunnies Studios’ 2016 Agenda. Graphics are too cute! All of you can go get Starbucks’ Moleskine, idc!
  • NEEDING to get my shit together.
  • FEELING ecstatic and scared and then excited again. Getting lost again next month. Extremely hyped about our Thai-Cambodia trip! And I feel like I really would get lost. I just hope I don’t die crossing the border. But I have to acads first.
  • CLICKING emails, Pinterest, SNS.


Just a quick photodump and life update you are prolly not interested in but I’m posting anyway haha.

nNov Currently

Senior year is crey crey everyday. Been living in libraries and coffee shops all the while having near to zero productivity, too many sabaw moments, and too little sleep. The road to graduation (#June2016) is apparently not a road, it’s a fucking Hunger Games x Maze Runner x even WWII was not that bad arena. //Sabi na eh, nagPBB nalang dapat ako haaay.


Wore makeup 2 days in a row. WTF self, you don’t even wear makeup twice in a month! First is for a Halloween party, then had my grad shoot the next day. Gragraduate nga ba?


Lol at this. Rewarding myself even if I did nothing. I know, I know. I post too much about my Thai-Cambodia trip. Sorry. It’s just that I don’t really like spending that much for a one-time thing but this is an exemption. I have to restrain myself, though. I shall not search about itineraries until I get my academic life back together.


Doggieees! Wee. Went to Barkin’ Blends right after our thesis presentations as a reward. Cuties. Buti pa aso, walang thesis na iniisip. So jelly. And I’ve noticed I’ve been wearing too much stripes. This is probably me stalking Camie Juan’s Snapchat’s effect.

Also, lately I have:

  • been missing The Sunday Currentlys which I usually don’t do.
  • had an eye injury. (permanent thing actually, unless I get a surgery, so I also had a breakdown about it ((lol me being OA)) because if you know me, I’m fucking scared of blood and doctors and hospitals and anything medical. I don’t even get why my closest friends are doctors-to-be)
  • gained weight HAHA WHAT 2015 RESOLUTIONS
  • been officially basag. First time partying without any memory of it the next day. Never again.
  • been drawing less and swearing I’m catching up on it next month.
  • and still is mahugot lol whyyyy. Nahawa na yata ako ng friends ko.

Overall, I can’t wait for Christmas break and finally go home to a Christmas decor filled house and vacay and have new photos to edit and catch up on missed episodes and continue hanging conversations with friends and wake up without an alarm and basically just have time and chill. Last month grind, let’s do this. (cue me saving this as a draft and hopefully read at least a chapter of my book)

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