Birthday Month Surprises #1

March Surprises

It’s March–birthday mooooonth!
Remember when I used to hate this time of the year last year. Yeah. Grumpy old me. Still a bit grumpy, still a bit old, but also turning venti-uno this time around so I’m legal to drink in the US (chos), but more than that, I have wew bigger things coming up. Mostly for myself, I’m conceited like that (semi chos ulit). And no, not going to be giving away a roundtrip ticket to Paris *wink wink*. Sa puso ko nalang, one-way, pwede? Really though, tune in maybe?

First is, I finally have my own domain! Wew to making #goals2016 happen, just wew. (Kinikilig parin ako pag sinasabi ko yung LOL)  Again, if you haven’t read in my old blog–THANK YOU GUYS U DA BEST LUV U. Wala lang, madrama lang ako. And puyat kaechosan because coding for days. Always wanted to setup my own site from scratch. Well, not really from scratch scratch, but you get it.

Blog Layout
So this is how it looks like now. Yas? Dope? Nope?

So yeaaah, sobrang push by BJ Pascual (of which why is it only recently that I’ve bought his book?) This is only the start of the month and it’s been hella amazing! And can’t wait to write more, draw more, wander more, and create more. With you guys.
Also, tell me what you think of the new header and theme, and generally all this below. 😚

 Stay Golden

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