Sketchbook Dump


Just some drills and quick watercolors I’ve been doing with the Sunday Paper Co. notebook I got myself last month. I’ve been on a continuous slump that I haven’t really drew anything of significance lately. But I have to give kudos to SPC! The sheets are very thin and get wrinkled easily with watercolor, but none the less, it holds the medium quite well. Maybe I just use too much water, but I like how chalky the effect of colors turned out to be. So here’s a sketch dump:




Stay Golden

Louise Ramos

In a constant state of latte high: searching for new places to wander, and new things to wonder----follow as she tries to make things happen.

  • Hi! Omg! Love the “tickets” sketch! <3

    • Hi Clauii! Actually making some more, and going to have them up as a downloadable so you could print them as stickers. Haha. Thank you!

  • Hellooooo, Lou! I’m your newest fan! ^_^
    My favorite from this set are the movie tickets, but I also can’t tear my eyes off the last few circles. I’m really fascinated by outer space stuff and if i don’t know any better, I’d swear they are legit planets 😀
    Fascinating watercolor works! <3

    • Aww. Thanks a lot Odee! Still trying to find my own style so I keep drawing random things. Haha. But happy you still liked ’em! 🙂 Thank you!