Of Things Temporary


This is the last thing I drew before giving myself an art hiatus. And it’s still my current state of mind.

Lost in my mind, not the woods.
Drowning in my thoughts, not the sea.

I haven’t touched my watercolor in a week! (Okay, I have, but I haven’t used it. Swear.) I am repeating to myself, this is temporary. This. Is. Temporary.

I feel like this is going on like a rant, lol, sorry. Trying to survive and finish my uni life. Hopefully, this is the last of my #UPHellWeek experience. Will be back to regular posting come June! (I’m so tempted to draft new posts, but priorities because I want to graduate.) But I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who drop by the BGC Art Mart last week. It was my first time to sell my work! Wew. And to all those who joined the giveaway, (still ongoing, come join HERE!) thank you!

Now I’ll go back to thesis-ing in 5…4…3…

Stay Golden

Louise Ramos

In a constant state of latte high: searching for new places to wander, and new things to wonder----follow as she tries to make things happen.