Peelings: An Art Zine


For the past months, I have been in a creative rut. (Or more likely, a generic rut.) I’m left thinking “Is this my quarter-life crisis?” and other existential questions that I’m nowhere near answering. Along with that, I’ve abandoned this site altogether, saying I’m going (and I need) to figure things out–I’m going to figure myself out.

But here I am, back to everything I’ve left, just as I left them. The only thing I figured is that I don’t need to figure out everything. Well, just yet.

Peelings is my release during those sorry-p*ta-pero-di-ko-na-kaya days. Peelings is my feelings, both the good and the bad, but mostly the in-betweens: where I’m stuck floating and living the lutang moments. Making this kept me sane. And I’m taking up all my courage to share this. That maybe after I click the publish button, I can finally leave all the anxiety behind, and even try this ‘adulting’ thing. Sans the overthinking.

So in one way, despite all the denial, this is my pre-coming-of-age story. The part where I’m finally ready to once again make baby steps.

*ma-echos-lang: There’s a playlist somewhere in the middle of this zine, u might wanna listen to it HERE while reading through my Peelings. Hope ya lyk it 😊*

PS: I’m printing a few copies of this–for myself and some close friends who kept up with my fluctuating ~feelings~ during my existential crisis, lol. If you want to buy a copy (it’s a 40-pg photobook printed in 190gsm gloss paper) and help unemployed me, fill out this order form (order form closed).



Louise Ramos

In a constant state of latte high: searching for new places to wander, and new things to wonder----follow as she tries to make things happen.