Peelings: An Art Zine


For the past months, I have been in a creative rut. (Or more likely, a generic rut.) I’m left thinking “Is this my quarter-life crisis?” and other existential questions that I’m nowhere near answering. Along with that, I’ve abandoned this site altogether, saying I’m going (and I need) to figure things out–I’m going to figure myself out.

But here I am, back to everything I’ve left, just as I left them. The only thing I figured is that I don’t need to figure out everything. Well, just yet.

Peelings is my release during those sorry-p*ta-pero-di-ko-na-kaya days. Peelings is my feelings, both the good and the bad, but mostly the in-betweens: where I’m stuck floating and living the lutang moments. Making this kept me sane. And I’m taking up all my courage to share this. That maybe after I click the publish button, I can finally leave all the anxiety behind, and even try this ‘adulting’ thing. Sans the overthinking.

So in one way, despite all the denial, this is my pre-coming-of-age story. The part where I’m finally ready to once again make baby steps.

*ma-echos-lang: There’s a playlist somewhere in the middle of this zine, u might wanna listen to it HERE while reading through my Peelings. Hope ya lyk it 😊*

PS: I’m printing a few copies of this–for myself and some close friends who kept up with my fluctuating ~feelings~ during my existential crisis, lol. If you want to buy a copy (it’s a 40-pg photobook printed in 190gsm gloss paper) and help unemployed me, fill out this order form (order form closed).



Louise Ramos

In a constant state of latte high: searching for new places to wander, and new things to wonder----follow as she tries to make things happen.

  • Oh very nice 🙂 It’s brilliant! x

  • Loi

    HUhuhuhu. I could cry because I love your art so much!! It’s inspiring but I really don’t know how to illustrate from scratch hahaha. I wanna buy!! But unfortunately, I don’t have the cashh. Gah. Maybe next time when I’m already employed. Hihi. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Loi! I actually closed the order form too bec I don’t have time to print new copies and ship. 🙁 I miss having time to make art.

  • Isabel

    OMG, this zine is brilliant! I’m so glad you commented on my blog, other wise I would’ve never found yours! Your blog is seriously amazing.

    Isabel //


    • Thank you so much, Isabel!! Means a lot. Love yours too and looking forward to your stories. <3

  • Kandice

    omg, I was just in the middle of planning my photo zine then I came across your blog again after awhile. You are very creative! 🙂

    • Thank you, Kandice!
      Ooooh!! Would love to read your zine when it’s done! I love zine’s and read a lot of them from Issuu during work. Haha.

  • Dianne Kathreen

    I wanna thank the heavens for helping me discover your blog. I’m sorry but I didn’t finished reading this post because all I want is to leave a message saying ✨ I LOVE YOUR ART✨. Okay ang OA ko, but I really love em all and I’m so inggit because they are all so goooood.

    Hello new found blog. I can’t wait to see more of your posts and of course your ahrt ❤

    • Hi Dianne! Thank youuu! Been drawing a lot lately and thanks for reminding me na kailangan ko nang magsipag magpost. :))

  • Hafsa

    Ate, okay unemployed at least talented. Sobra! as in SSOOOOOBRAAAAA! Things will come din po in the right time. Tiwala lang.

    • Aww. Thanks a lot Hafsa!! Kakilig ❤️ Haha. Super just going with the flow nalang muna and hoping for the best!

  • Elisa Liddell

    just discovered your blog and holy madness, your art is amazing! i’m so jealous of your illustrations. i’m a designer myself but more so on the web and interface one. i definitely can doodle but i can’t illustrate. yours are so gold! *instant bloglovin follow lol*

    will definitely be stalkin your blog in the future 😉


    • Aww. Thank you Elisa!! Really made my day. <3 Just discovered yours too yesterday and loved it so much and wanted to comment on every post but was too tired from work so just kept reading on and onnn. Haha. Have a lovely day today!


    Can I just say SOBRANG GALING MO PLEASE. Teach me thy master!!!

  • Sheena

    Amazing art!!


  • Teesh

    I just found your blog, and can I just say that this is amazing artwork! 🙂

  • Kisty

    Ang pretty! I love your art!

  • Stephanie Louise

    Soooo much goodness! Yes, getting stuck in ruts suck, but once you get out of them you feel sooo much better and ready to take on the world! x

    • Crossing my fingers on the taking on the world thing! Haha.

  • Chrizzia

    DAMN GIIIRL. Your art zine is amazing. It left me with all the feels. You’re so creative and everything’s full of heart. <3

    Chrizzia xx Thistled Soul

  • Jane

    Can definitely relate to a creative rut! Peelings looks really cool – love the illustrations!