Singapore Street Art Guide & Art Photowalk

A typical Singapore trip would include a visit to Gardens by the Bay or a whole day in Universal Studios and Sentosa, but if you’re looking to feed yourself some art and culture, walking around Singapore’s neighborhoods looking for little surprises in the streets–like a colorful mural, a quaint coffee shop, or a local bookstore–is the way to go.

SG has always struck me as a very contemporary artsy place. It’s such a good place to feed inspiration from. I just love seeing colorful walls, murals, and open restos! I’ve always wanted to try out speed drawing during one of my trips and where better to do it than in Singapore? With my trusty Adidas, backpack slung on my shoulders, and in very comfy clothes, I did an art photowalk for a day. I was only able to cover a few of the places I wanted to visit (bec I spent so much time in book and art store stop-overs and eventually have my hands full with shopping bags that I can’t draw and take photos anymore, oops). Never the less, it was really fun and worth all the switching from camera to pencil and back. Here’s some snippets of my notebook and shots for that day.

1. Little India

Nearest Station: Little India
Start at Buffalo Road where the market is, check the churches and mosque at Perak Road, walk back to Serangoon full of jewellers, and end at Belilios Road where you can grab a quick snack.



Little India 1

Little India 2

Little India 3

Little India 4

2. Chinatown

Nearest Station: Chinatown
Stroll through Smith Street, turn to Sago Lane and do a side trip to the Buddha Tootlh Relic Temple, and prepare an eco-bag because there’s lots of other streets to shop for souvenirs.


Chinatown 1

Chinatown 2

Chinatown 3

Chinatown 4

3. Bugis

Nearest Station: Bugis (or Bras Basah if you want to shop right away for supplies)
The holy freaking mothership!! This is where we were staying and couldn’t be any happier. Now where to start? Kampong Glam is full of murals, sightsee artsy buildings in Victoria Street, then Bali and Haji Lanes are the usual favorites–open cafes and bars fill these streets. Drop by Sultan Gate before walking down Beach Road and if you’re down for it (because you’re already walking so why not walk all the way right?), head to Bras Basah Complex to shop all things ~art~. Just be ready to burn all your money goodbye in Art Friend and Basheer Graphic Books! Maybe even walk further to Chijmes to refresh all those colors you’ve seen for the day with refreshing minimalist aesthetic.


Bugis 1

Bugis 2

Bugis 3

Bugis 4

Bugis 5

By this time, I had to go back to our hotel and refresh my sweaty eww self. Also, stupid me forgot to charge my camera the night before so just left it in our room. The next two places are a bit off the usual go-tos in the city, but if you’re feeling a little ~extra~, keep walking (and reading).

4. Tiong Bahru Road

Nearest Station: Tiong Bahru
Less colors, more story. Murals here have this life-theme going on with people in their daily scenes and a few realistic pieces along the road.

5. Everitt Road

Nearest Station: Eunos
The big piece here by Ernest Zacharevic is a must see! He’s painted a lot of murals in Penang, Malaysia–the ones you always see on Instagram. It’s near the corner of Everitt Road and Joo Chiat Lane.

I made an interactive map so you could check out the locations below, and just click on the upper left corner to view the details and itinerary.

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End Photowalk



Louise Ramos

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  • i feel like i actually got to know my own country more through your post HAHA xD
    im a home person and REALLY bad with directions, hence i rarely step out of my neighborhood and therefore i know very little of my own country tbh
    still, im glad you enjoyed your stay in Singapore!

    • I can’t live without Google Maps either! Hahaha. Love how artsy Singapore is, really hoping I could visit again soon! 🙂

  • I already commented here na pala, hahaha! I’ve been on hiatus again. What’s new. I just read your comment to Kai about a future possible workshop. Let me know!!!

    xx, Richel V.

    • Haha truu, like every post ko yata, I say sorry for the hiatus lol. Really hope I can push through workshops din pero not yet confident in teaching, like baka masayang ko kasi pera ng mageenroll. I always have self issues like that.

  • Jae

    I only knew because my dad used to fly to Singapore often for business trips. When he accumulated enough mileage, he took the entire family for a week-long vacation there for my birthday! Ohh, we stayed in a hotel near Takashimaya at the time, and we had to take the train to get to Bugis. It’s where I got my first click-wheel iPod Classic!

  • Jae

    Ahh, Singapore! I haven’t been back since 2007 (OMG that was 10 years ago?), and the highlight of my trip was Bugis because gadgets. Hahaha! I can tell by these visuals that so much has changed over the years! I think it’s time to go back!

  • Your visuals are beautiful! I love Singapore <3

    xo Apple

  • Kai

    Ahhhh, Singapore. It’s always my dream to explore that place especially the famous Sentosa and Universal Studios but I still have to wait! Haha. I love your artworks and how you make gifs, can you give us a tutorial on how to? 🙂


    • Hi Kai! Singapore is great! Hope you get to visit soon ✌️
      I’ll list that on the things I could write/post about when I get the time, haha. I’ve been meaning to for so long but whenever I draft one, I always think the tutorials I find over at Google can explain it better so I scrap it. But I do plan to have mini-workshops for digital collages and illustration soon so fingers crossed muna. ☺️

  • I love the doodles and sketches and how you placed them together with the photos! Feels like I’m reading a beautiful travel book! <3

    Sheena (

    • Aww, thanks Sheena!! I enjoy making zines and (travel) books so maybe that’s why my posts also kind of looks the same, haha.

  • I’m so envy for all of you. you can go arround this world and make travalling but not to me 🙁

    your blog really full of art and good looking :))

  • Abbey

    Ahhh the collages are so pretty! <3 And thanks for including my posts in the bookmarked articles. Haha. I've yet to explore Little India, hope I get to see it soon – looks pretty from your photos!!

    • Thanks, Abbey! ☺️ Your art guides are my fave! Sabi ko talaga dapat walkable from our hotel yung BBC when I read your post, haha.

  • You are so creative!! I love those movements in the photos, sa Instagram common siya but sa blog it adds another dimension in your storytelling. 🙂
    I also love how you add your own doodles, too. Galing! You’ve captured all the colors of Singapore. You can also visit MICA building when you visit next time. 🙂

    • Thank you Melai! Omg yes, the MICA building! Nadaanan lang namin siya while on the bus once and placed it as part of my walk, pero super dead na feet ko hahaha. Next time! 🙂

  • I think I’m being redundant because every time you put out a travel post, all I can say is wow I just love it. You are so creative!!

    Teesh ♥ || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    • Hehe and as always, I’ll be thanking you! But for real, Thanks Teesh! Been reading your 15 Days of Writing True entries and it’s going to take me some time pa before I could share my stories, kasi I know I’ve placed it in the first exercise, but am always so doubtful of myself. You’re so brave for sharing your stories.

  • Lou! I missed being in your blog so much. (I can only see your header when I open your site in my work laptop, idk why. :() I was only do a walk on the not-so-touristy places in Singapore on my last visit – and I’ve been there a few summers! I loved Chinatown and Bugis. It’s definitely nice to just take a camera and roam the place. The food around the place is also affordable compared to other parts of SG + they taste really, really good!

    xx, Richel V.

    • OMG Richel! I miss you! (Akala mo naman we’re super close like seen each other irl na, pero for real, I missed going to your blog too! Daming changes pero I really really like your new theme! + thank you for placing me in your blog roll huhu) I haven’t got around to posting much or blog hopping kasi dami kong drama. I actually remembered you when writing this ’cause I read before in one of your posts that your dad works in SG and you frequent there. Really wanna go back kasi that country is #ahrt!

  • DUDE. I love your blog and the entries. The pictures are so vibrant and it really captures your attention. Singapore looks really lovely, I’d love to visit one day!

    cabin twenty-four

    • Hi Eena! Aww, thanks girl. I love your travel photos too and didn’t know you just use your phone to take most of them. After reading that, I’m like “Whoaa!” Singapore is so colorful, you’ll love it!

  • uuugh i love your blog pictures so so much. they’re the definition of lovely application in negative space ♥

    anyway. believe it or not, i’ve never been to singapore. the only time i set foot on singapore was during transit so i never actually got the time to explore and bought anything from singapore. this makes me wanna go there with my friends someday! would love to see a guide on singaporean street food or something culinary related too 😛

    • You should!! I just noticed through your comment that yes omg, I barely have pictures of food. Haha. My friends would always take flatlay photos of meals when we go out, and I usually just stare and wait for them because I always just think of eating once food is served. Lol, but I’ll keep that in mind on my next trip. I’m going to Taiwan and heard so much about Taiwanese street food. Soooo excited!

  • I admire the creativity in this post! I skipped few places but I really wish I visited the little india, it is so vibrant!

    • Thank you Kandice! I was actually going there to just check the murals and was amazed that even the buildings are art on their own.

  • OMG Singapore looks amazing! Your photos are gorgeous! Everything is so colorful and lively. I especially love Little India and Bugis’ colors and Chinatown’s cherry blossoms. I love visiting art galleries and museums so this is definitely a must-visit.
    Hopefully, I get to visit these sites next year. Thank you for posting this! I truly don’t know what tourist spots I’d visit except from the usual if not for this.

    xo, Gillan

  • Pearly Jane

    Your art + photography skills are srsly *cue applause* And you use the Fuji X-A2? Hihi if I go to SG in the future, will def spare a day to just walk around and take photos ^^

    • *blushes* Haha. Thank you Pearly Jane! Yup, I use Fuji X-A2! It’s so tiring to walk around a new place but always worth it.

  • OMG!!!!! I’m visiting Singapore on July and there’s no way I would miss this out! I love artsy places and you’re so lucky to be staying in such a place full of art! Thanks for sharing this Louise! I would definitely add these places to our Itinerary. Good thing I have 5 days to make the most of it. I can’t wait! Yes your post really made me so excited!!!! I also love how you combined your sketches with the photos. Looks super cool! 🙂

    Angelica|The PolyHobbyist

  • Loi

    So much love for murals and I really wish it’ll be present here in our city 🙁 Anyway, when I’ll visit SG, i’m really going to check your posts again! My favorite from all those is Bugis!! I just love the colors!!


    • Thank you Loi!! I love doing photowalks, even here–but same; I do wish we have more art in the city that’s not just limited to the likes of BGC. Haha. Bugis is so full of life and colors, you’ll love it!