The Sunday Currently Vol. 34

I was looking at my archives and saw that my last Sunday Currently post was 8 months ago! I’m like, what? I guess I just didn’t have a lot of Sundays worth sharing for quite a while. (And admitting I slacked and filtered off my personal life a lot in the past months; so not me) So many yay and nay things happened but I can’t seem to put it out there compared to before. Trying again though, slowly.

Life in phrases for my ~lost~ period: got my engineering license, landed a job, endured as long as I could living a monotonous life, breakdowns, quit, proved n times I must never get drunk on a sad day–I get real ugly, writing e-course, several talks at 2 AM with friends (luff u guys), back in the #ahrt life, will be part of #TeamABC (omg omg omg iyaq of happiness si acoe), so I’m freelancing now, looking for other part-times to pay the bills (anyone willing to hire me in a coffee shop kahit walang experience? For real though), planning, taking things by the day, trying not to overthink, being brave (not reckless).

Currently Diary Vol 34

Trying not to think of how I’ll make a living out of my passion, but just live my passion. Well, at least for 6 months.

So, dami ko nanamang kwento, kaloka si @self, dumadaldal na ulit. Anyway, all is well. Today, and the previous days, are all so good; and just so thankful and excited for the next ones!


  • READING Emma by Jane Austen. I had this classic for quite some time. (You could tell I bought it because of the good cover right? 😉) and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.
  • WRITING in my journal, trying to recap the week. I’m also writing this as a break to writing another (beauty omg lol) blog post that will be up this week.
  • LISTENING to Cheats. I rarely listen to local bands, but there are days like today that I do. And I even have The Bandang Shirley songs up next on my Spotify.
  • THINKING of legit plans, how to execute them, building a portfolio, of emailing a lot of people, of being scared and excited.
  • SMELLING dinner, I’m hungry, as usual. But I did just finish my milk tea latte in the last 15 minutes (Lipton Milk Tea Latte in sachets is bomb! Highly recommended.)
  • WISHING nothing actually. I’m so content with how things are right now.
  • HOPING things work out and this is not a gaga-ka-anong-pinaggagawa-mo stage in my youth. /halfjoke/
  • WEARING yellow ochre-ish shirt dress tucked in denim culottes. Everything’s loose because I’ve been eating a lot today.
  • LOVING that I get to produce content again. I don’t know how I love managing others’ social media accounts so much, but in real life, I don’t even post on my own, lol. Shameless plug: follow @shopabbeysy! Exciting things coming ahead! ✌️
  • WANTING the foldable wooden breakfast style table I saw 2 nights ago. It’s just Php 1400 and on buy one take one! I don’t know though whom to sell the other one to, huhu, reason as to why I didn’t buy it. If you live near Katipunan and want to split, msg me, srsly. It’s like an Instagram worthy table perfect for flatlays!
  • NEEDING to set a schedule and stick to it.
  • FEELING happy, genuinely.
  • CLICKING a lot of pocketed articles and inspo posts that I want to share. Listing them down instead for your time-wasting pleasure.

So that’s it for ~lyf~ and today.
In line with trying to be brave, I finally made a Facebook page. I’m kind of accepting the fact that I do have to put myself out there if I want to freelance. People I know personally (aside from very close friends) don’t know of my happenings yet (or this blog) but gathering up strength to share it sometime soon. (Mahirap kasi okay pag scientific and analytical lahat sa inyo, art will forever be a ‘hobby’ and not something taken seriously; there’s judgments passed and misunderstandings pero keri, kailangan tanggapin)
Will share here in the next month for workshops, art prints and merch, and updates! So many things to look forward to. ✌️

P.S. Also, I need to get back to blog hopping, I miss reading personal posts and life latelys. Comment down below your links so I could blog hop while in the office, heh.


Stay Gold Lou

Louise Ramos

In a constant state of latte high: searching for new places to wander, and new things to wonder----follow as she tries to make things happen.

  • Elisha

    I was really stunned with your theme babe! Everything looks really moving and wondering how did you made these things so fancy! Hahaha! Anyway, I love really reading updates of someone’s life too! Sometimes it drives you to make something good as well with yourself! Have a great day lovely and hope you could visit my blog and drop some love! *


    Elisha |

    • Aww, thanks Elisha!! I’m replying so late, so sorry. And same, haha, I mostly get inspired to make something and blog about it when I’m going through others’ posts or seeing them being productive. I love your blog aesthetic! It’s so clean and the photos are so good!! I can never keep it clean with mine haha

  • Best of luck with the freelance life! 🙂 I hope you do very well!

    Teesh ♥ || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    • ❤️ Teesh!! Thank you! So far, things are very very well so just keeping my fingers crossed and enjoying things as they are.

  • I do Life Lately posts on my blog but I’ll forget about it every and now… life happens 🙂 And, glad to hear you’re genuinely feeling happy! That’s definitely a good feeling.

    cabin twenty-four

  • So many life changes! I get so caught up with things I often forget to update my blog as well. Or at least, when I update, I don’t share a lot of my personal goings on until I fell things have settled. Glad you’re attacking things head on!

    Gemma |

    • Hi Gemma! Yea, was quite surprised with everything happening too, and it’s always difficult to share personal things even if it’s supposed to make you feel better. Glad though that I get to write more often again now.

  • I remember u posting about how dragging your day job was! And at the time, I was feeling the same thing with mine, so it makes me really ~*happy*~ that we’re both getting our asses off those desk jobs!!! I’m officially out by next month. It’s a little scary, but I hope it all works out! And same goes with you, Lou. Looking forward to your workshops! And congrats on being a part of #TeamABC!!

    xx, The Diary Queen

  • Pearly Jane

    Kyaaa I saw your interaction with Abbey on Twitter and I just knew you were somehow gonna be working with her! Charot pero srsly because angaling mo po tlga. Hayyy good luck with everything! <3

    Dizzying Heights of Happiness