Mount Pinatubo

Hi? Hi!

Louise is another one of ‘em millenials who hasn’t figured out ~lyf~ yet. But it’s alright; she gets there when she gets there. 💁

She’s a creative-wannabe who likes 🎥 films, watches 🇰🇷 Korean dramas (brb ugly crying) & variety shows (7012! Hands up if you get it!), and buys any printed thing that has damn good layouting 📰 (magazines, books, even food packaging!) She doesn’t share her ☕️ coffee, hates ☎️ phone calls, and hides the dark chocolate pieces in those 🍫 chocolate sets for herself.

Though she worked for realz hard to pass the Civil Engineering board exam last year and is now stuck in the corporate world, her lifelong dream is to work in 🎨 art or 📜 publication. 

When she’s not figuring out how to adult 😶, she’s probably on the 🌍 web—in this space—scrolling through her hidden second world.

Caffeine Rush is her 📖 online journal 🖊, and she rants and talks here a lot, prolly because she doesn’t talk enough in real life! 😂 (She’ll still try to post quality content every 🌕 full moon or so. Pinky swear.) And for sure she’ll be cringing at all this when she’s 50! 👵🏻