Louise Ramos | #WRULou: Hundred Islands
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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#WRULou: Hundred Islands

400 kilometers, two car accidents, one injured knee, a ripped swimsuit, and n battle scars I’m oddly uncertain of when or how I’ve gotten: This pretty much sums up the start of my winning weekend! Sounds more threatening than winning, I know. But surprisingly, these bumps along the road just made this trip an A++ escapade one won’t/can’t forget anytime soon.

The Hundred Islands are like tiny dots and splatters on the Philippine map — unnoticeable unless zoomed on, really. And despite having visited the place before, it’s always a whole new experience to come back.

This weekend getaway was spent with 5 of my college and org batchmates. We’re making use of the Holy Week break as a mini vacay. Because of the academic calendar shift, we won’t really be having a summer break. We’ll only be free by midyear (June-July) at which in the Philippines would be the time rainy season kicks in. So we’re stuck in the classrooms, trying to solve the mystery that is calculus, while the sun’s up high and some other bitches are out tanning themselves to golden-fried-perfection. So yeah, I’ll be here staring at numbers and greek letters and all.

Due once again to our mini episodes, we arrived in our destination late. We spent our first night in an elevated hut in Bolo Beach to which’s sunrise I wouldn’t mind waking up to daily. Early high tides had the beach full of seaweeds, but still saltwater always is an instant mood up-getter.

The day was mostly spent island hopping (No you won’t be able to hop 100 islands specifically.) But you do get to bask in the terrifying heat then cool yourself down with the salty sea after. Snorkeling’s also available; giant clams and Nemo and Dory will welcome you. There’s also cliff-diving in one of the islands where you free fall to an underwater cave!

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My stay in the water wasn’t long enough to give me my mermaid tail dreams (It just left me all wrinkly and sandy), and despite the mass number of people in the place (The first time I was here, we practically felt like we owned the islands), it still was the break we needed from all the academic stuff. And like the bum we all were, we spent the last few hours of vacation in our hotel room near the wharf — chips and marshmallows and chocolate infused. We all go home a few shades darker, countless times happier, and with our minds a little clearer.

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