Louise Ramos | #WRULou: Coron, Palawan
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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#WRULou: Coron, Palawan

Flashback to this time last year, when the only thing I have to worry about is why I’m not worrying about anything. Four months of no classes had my brain practically on comatose and thus, it functions just as much as a drugged laboratory bunny. Most of the time, I’m living the bum life– drowning in a pool of cookies and iced coffee (just because I don’t drink soda), stuck to the sofa, taking on the ‘How many episodes can you watch in a day?’ challenge. Then comes hallelujah moments where I am happy to break the gravity between me and my laptop:

Our trip to Coron was one of those moments. Hands up to the best bum life ever: the beach bum!

I’ve been to Palawan twice, though Coron’s a first. We practically went there to scuba dive, knowing it offers one of the best reefs and marine life. And boy does it not disappoint. Photos after the break.

First off, we stayed in Coron Westown Resort, and I highly recommend this hotel if you’re planning a vacation in the area. Though a bit far from their city proper, tricycle charters can be handled by the hotel. Also, their bar and pool are gorgeous. The view is lovely, and staff are okay. I’ve seen a lot of Instagram photos geotagged here lately as well (Though we stayed here when it was just newly opened). They even have a separate 15ft deep pool, maybe for diving practice. And a gym and jacuzzi! Again, 5 pools!

I couldn’t quite recall everything we did in Coron, so here’s a list to name a few, and then I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

  • Climb Mount Tapyas
  • Take a dip in the Maquinit Hot Springs
  • City tour / Seafood resto tripping
  • Marvel at Kayangan Lake’s waters
  • Visit all the other lakes and caves (Twin Lagoon, etc.)
  • Go beach hopping ’til you can’t feel your skin
  • Say hi to the fishies! Snorkeling
  • Japanese shipwrecks. Scuba diving

There’s also a safari we weren’t able to go to. Also because my dad’s not fond of zoos and the like. He says they smell weird. We’re sticking to just dogs.

Going up Mount Tapyas is no heavy trek (718 steps high), but it sure will make you sweat. The view up is lovely, though. Also, we went round some areas upon going up that we weren’t sure were open for public, but the pictures after were worth it.

We arrived at Maquinit Hot Springs a tad late, it would have been better earlier– less people and more photo ops. That place has IG-worthy exterior setups. And mangroves in the morning > mangroves at night.

Sucker for fluffy clouds. Sorry, not sorry.

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We’re the mini people there prepping up to dive. I can’t believe swimming’s my only sport and I’m bad at diving. My brother’s scared of the water and doesn’t even know how to swim, but he was able to descend deepest– even down to the shipwrecks.

Coron’s a beauty! The kind where staring does not make it any less beautiful. Air is fresher, water bluer, grass greener; and everything is just calming. Time feels much slower and just writing this makes me long for a current life breather. I may be bias because water would always be my element. Nonetheless, Palawan always surprises me: just when I thought that place couldn’t get any better, it sure does.

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