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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.6

Currently Vol.6

Today has been one of ’em chill art days I badly needed. Going through my stuff and saw old and half-filled planners from years ago. Nostalgic shit. But the weekend’s ending and I have to face reality. (But beach, I will sea you again soon. Very, very soon.)


  • READING 1. still on This Is How You Lose Her. But seriously, 2. school books. Getting through this week alive will be a challenge. And yet, why I am still so chill?!
  • WRITING reviewers, supposedly. But meh.
  • LISTENING to the TV. This is starting to sound like last week’s The Sunday Currently.
  • THINKING of how much weight I’ve put in. Ugh. Acads is fattening.
  • SMELLING aircon air. I’m never leaving the air-conditioner’s side. I feel like Earth decided to switch places with Mercury, and my extra fats are not at all helping.
  • WISHING I can lose weight as quickly as I put them in. Or that Mcdonald’s/Jollibee/KFC food become magically healthy. 0 fat. 0 calories.
  • HOPING all of my professors get possessed by a generous Oprah, and they be like “You get an A. And you get an A. EVERYBODY GETS AN A!”
  • WEARING grey shirt. And this navy shorts that looks like a tennis skirt. Skort. Haha.
  • LOVING that we’re halfway through May and so close to June. Breaaaaak.
  • WANTING to eat and lose weight at the same time. Scientists should see the real problem here.
  • NEEDING to study ASAP.
  • FEELING like I should be on adrenaline panic mode. But I’m not.
  • CLICKING other WordPress accounts/blogs. (Drop your link below so I could check them out. And procrastinate some more.)

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