Louise Ramos | Currently Vol.8
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.8

First things first. MY SEM IS OVER! I should be having another exam tomorrow, but this lucky bitch just got exempted. Too thankful for everything right now. This was one hell of a semester. Survived it. (Hopefully!)

Second. Still haven’t told my parents ’bout my impulse plane ticket buy. Haha. Maybe I’ll tell them mid-June or July. Can’t believe I’m really doing this. I’m ticking off fly solo from my bucket list. Gah.

Third. I’m (We’re) moving into a new place! It’s not that I’m moving far, I’m actually just moving 5 floors up, into a new unit. My younger bro’s going to the same university as I am, and now we’ve got our own pad! (Bedroom = Game room) We’re still renovating, doe. But definitely stoked when everything’s done. The day was spent buying home stuff a.k.a. appliance and furniture store hopping. And now we’re broke as hell. But still, dream pad!


  • READING through Tumblr. (Is that even considered reading?!) And going through inspo boards. Because break, finally. Bring on all the art and inspo.
  • WRITING drafts of posts.
  • LISTENING to Happy To Be Home playlist. Making me sleepy, actually.
  • THINKING to book or not to book trips? My batchmates have been planning to go to LU this weekend. Should I start contacting hotels? Hmm.
  • SMELLING food off the kitchen. Mom’s cooking. (Fried. All she can do is fried breakfast food. Not complaining, doe. Love breakfast for dinner.)
  • WISHING I suddenly have thousands added to my bank account. It’s that time of year again. No classes. Vacay. I need money.
  • HOPING airlines have more sales and I get to be informed first. My ticket’s just one way since there’s no sale for homebound flights yet. Haha. Never going home.
  • WEARING loose shirt, skirt-y shorts.
  • LOVING that my sem is hopefully over. Thank God x 1000000000.
  • WANTING next week to come quickly. I want my real summer to start.
  • NEEDING to lose weight. Again. Huhuhu. How to eat and not gain weight?
  • FEELING happy.
  • CLICKING through the ignore low battery notification. And now I’m off to get my charger before I publish this.

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