Louise Ramos | Instamood: May
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Instamood: May

Can’t believe we’re halfway through the year. It’s June but I feel like I’m still stuck in between February or March. May, on the other hand, has been boring. (Thus it not being so memorable.) It was finals month. Or as I call it, the month I’ve experienced the wrath of hell. And now that that’s over, I’m off to sleep all the hours I have lost. But first, a recap.

  1. I practically lived in libraries and coffee shops. Not that I’m complaining (my wallet is though), I love coffee shops,  but cafes are better off when what you have with you is a feel-good novel and a free mind (not stacks of readings and a laptop that hasn’t been properly shut down in days).
  2. Just because we were the last ones in HotStar. Chicken forever and ever.
  3. My ex-roomies are on vacay (They be swimming, I be drowning in exams) but we were able to catch up over lunch at Pepper Lunch. (And this is why I’m fat series.)
  4. May is my brother and mom’s birthday month. And they have the same birthday!
  5. Mom’s 50th at Fontana was the only trip I had this month. We went all cheeseballs and surprised her. Dad bought her flowers, I bought her shoes, and my typical brother brought himself.
  6. Every weekend was (is) a sleepy long drive home and I’m always relieved whenever I spot the ferris wheel at the Sky Ranch near us. Just means I’m just a few kilometers left away from my bed.
  7. Moving to a new condo unit. Still polishing up this week though. Never thought it was going to be such a hassle. (Oh, it is!) But yay for new everything!
  8. Making time for painting in between all-nighters and study breaks. #damikongtime
  9. Finally organized my semester’s art stuff haul! And I get to use them too. (Finally.) Drafted a post about the things in my art box and it’s going live soon.

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