Louise Ramos | Artventure: #ArtBGC
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Artventure: #ArtBGC


Yesterday, I was able to finally hunt down for the murals at Bonifacio Global City. Ever since hearing about the weeklong mural festival, I explicitly told myself: I have to go. When else can I watch local and international artists paint down murals on plain, old, boring building walls? It doesn’t matter if I was alone or if I would have to commute, I just had to go. Luckily, I wasn’t alone (Thank you brother for accompanying your happily unattached sister! Haha), and also, we didn’t have to go through the LRT and MRT hassle (Thank you parents for filling up our gas tank). But unluckily, the festival was scheduled on May 22-30: last week. My bloody hell finals week! So with all bombs thrown at me, (you could sense the anger and sadness radiating out all my damn pores) I sucked it up and told myself: Ok. Just visit after finals. So *dundundun* here we are, back to me telling you all about yesterday’s artventure.

This was the first piece we saw, off one of the the walls in The Globe Tower. It’s not that big but it’s got to be my favorite. By Drew Merritt. (Stalked him. He’s hot, btw 😍)

Next, we walked far to the other side until we found this one by Cyrcle. It’s the biggest one. Can be found in the Icon Plaza, just close to Federacion Dr.’s side. I had to stare at this for a while because how the hell do they do it?! The details. The size. I crey.

This is Faile‘s. In One Global Place, just beside Icon Plaza. Pop-arty. And I likey.

My dad then called to tell us he’ll be seeing us after his meeting in UP Diliman which meant we had to find all the other murals in under an hour. So I turned on my GPS, typed a few buildings where we think some of the murals are (good thing I researched a bit and browsed through a lot of ArtBGC photo tags before we went here) and so our timed mural hunting adventure begun. There are 10 participating artists based on ArtBGC’s website. Click continue reading below to view the rest of my photos.

Not actually sure if these two are part of the mural festival, but I still had to take photos.

Another hippie heaven sighting. ❤️ And it was painted to border the walls of a MRF (Materials Recovery Facility), A++ for green art!

AKA Corleone‘s mural in the C1 parking.

These are my brother’s favorites. By Nate Frizzell. His are all over Bonifacio High Street and one specifically at Fully Booked’s side.

Rain started pouring and so we started speed walking back to our parking area. No one bothered to bring an umbrella. Then we saw this:

We didn’t even notice beforehand that one of the murals we were searching for was just across where we parked. By Anjo Bolarda.

If you plan on going on an #ArtBGC mural hunt, here’s a map I did on some of the murals we found. (Disclaimer: my memory is that of a lola and cannot be relied on.)

ArtBGC Map

Searching through the #ArtBGC murals had me feeling like I was on Running Man. (Yes, I watch Korean variety shows!) The place was big, we didn’t know where we were going or what we were looking for, but we just kept walking and walking and walking. All the time, we were just like: Oh! A painting! Where? Where? Where?! And we were under time pressure too. We didn’t get to find Egg Fiasco‘s (the deer painting). And we didn’t have time to walk all the way to Bonifacio Technology Centre where Kristin Farr‘s mural was, but this day was definitely one down for the books. I just hope they hold more events and festivals like this in the Philippines. And next time, I swear I’ll be seeing them paint these babies live.

To know more about ArtBGC NextAct ONE Festival and all the artists and people behind it, visit artbgc.com.

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