Louise Ramos | #WRULou: Hamilo Coast
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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#WRULou: Hamilo Coast

 Hamilo Coast

For my one week break in between the end of the semester and start of midyear classes, we went to Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas. I wanted to climb up Mount Pico de Loro, and with my fam being so supportive and all, they made my supposedly day-hike into a weeklong vacay by staying in at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club.

From their website, Hamilo Coast is the closest world-class beach resort community to Manila. Being world-class, things were damn expensive *goes full on Iron Man and shoots money from my suit*. I suddenly realized why I still love going on family vacations: the only time I didn’t have to think of budget and just relax. If I was Dumbledore, I would’ve given 1000 points to my parents pronto! But the place was well-kept and even at a fully-booked state, it wasn’t crowded at all.

Kaybiang Tunnel. Cavite-Batangas Boundary.

Kaybiang Tunnel. Cavite-Batangas Boundary.

It’s still a 2km way to go to the condo-type residential area and hotel from the front gate. Think a very long scenic driveway channeling Taylor Swift’s Blank Space MV. (P.S. I did play the song on stereo upon passing gate security. My parents were not amused. But then they shouldn’t have left me to drive that long.) Would’ve have been perfect if a grand horse comes to pick you up at front though. We checked in at a Premier Suite in Pico Sands Hotel, overlooking the lake. Click continue reading to see more of my photo-heavy staycation.

Never good with room and indoor photos, but here’s a view from the balcony. I usually just stay in bed for every vacay’s first day. Don’t even know why I bother leaving home. Though I did enjoy walking round the lake; lots of lilies(?), whatever, water plants. And there’s even a hanging bridge and photo inviting spillway spot. And fishies. Haha. Fat Kois make me happy. They’re fatter than I am.

I hate that there’s no civilization nearby. I mean, you stay there and you’re stuck there. No other restos. And the nearest city is about an hour drive away. But since it’s a country club, even if we did stay long, we didn’t run out of things to do. There’s 1 huge swimming pool, and 2 medium sized ones, suntan area, a bowling place, pool tables, playroom, and shuttles to help you go around the place.

And of course, my inner mermaid’s home, the beach.

Didn’t mind swimming with the jellies. No fishes though. Water was shallow. Like how Bohol beaches are come sundown.

My parents being all lovey-dovey. *vomits.*

Basically, we were staycationing. I did hike on our second day, read all about it here. Then by the next day, my legs were sore so I just stayed 50% inside the room, the other 50% by the shore. The rest of the days were the same. Buffet breakfast. (Thinking ’bout unlimited bacon and eggs again. Torturing myself here.) Swim and photo-ops. Junk food and movies. More swimming. More junk food. More movies. Repeat.

Post-hike grub. Damn, I’m hopeless.


It wasn’t until our last full day stay that we explored the rest of the place aka the day we refused to take the shuttle and just walk around. Wrong decision. My legs were double dead by then.

They also have a chapel with a killer view to boot.

They also have a chapel with a killer view to boot.

What I liked best was I was able to catch up on my drawing and painting during our stay. Free time was spent having coffee on the balcony while my brother was busy video-gaming and my parents were busier dating (Yes, srsly). As for me, I had a lot of alone time by the beach. Made me realize that yes, I may be ready for my solo travel now.

We took the Tagaytay route going home (We used the Coastal Road and Nasugbu-Tarnate route going to the place.), and it was hell of a lot longer but we did get to buy pasalubong and I was also able to finally get a succulent. Hehe, new baby.

I would love to visit the place again. Maybe when I’m earning big time na. (I’m on my I’m-graduating-next-year-wtf-I’m-gonna-be-independent phase. Half of the time I’m excited. The other half, I’m just being emotionally cray.) And I just found out recently that Fujifilm did their launch of the new XT10 here not even a week after we went. (Still have my eyes and my heart on the XM1 though. Maybe I should sell my kidney so I could buy that damn camera already.) They invited bloggers like Camie Juan, Kimi Juan, Mikka Wee, Elena Ortega, Kara Chung, Mel Gatchalian, etc, or in short, all my fave bloggers. I’m crying. I should’ve met them then. Fate, whyyy are you being a bitch?! Someday. Someday.

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