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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.11

Happy Father's Day

Currently waiting for the heavy rain to stop so I could go back to Manila. And crying because I ate a lot of food again today. Zero self control, why?! Who could resist eat-all-you-can Japanese? Mmm, maki. (Here I go again.)

Today’s a double celebration for us. My closest cousin passed the Architecture Board Exam (so happy for her for realz. Real world crey.) and of course, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the super dads out there. Sporting the dad bod before it was cool. Always annoyed with this hashtag and never thought I’d be using it but here it goes: #blessed.


  • READING this poem my dad wrote when I was born. Lol. Now I know where I got my cheeseballs side from. Was rummaging through old photos in the attic to get a throwback photo of us to post and found this stuck to one of my first photo albums. 
  • WRITING this; as I dedicate this post to the person who set my guy standards too damn high, to my first love: Happy Father’s Day Partner! (Yes, we call each other that. We had this fight years ago from a joke that if our fam decides to split, I’m my dad’s partner and I’m going with him, while my younger brother goes to my mom. Daddy’s girl 5ever.) Thank you for…
    1. Believing in me even at times I don’t believe in myself.
    2. Supporting all my #goals. (#fitnessgoals lol who am I kidding, #travelgoals, #beforeIgraduategoals, #allmyother100sofgoals Hah!)
    3. Tolerating my kabruha-an.
    4. Always saying “Yes.” even when I’m not even done asking for a favor.
    5. All the driving I got you in. The trips. The hatid-sundo.
    6. Climbing mountains with me (literally and figuratively).
    7. Listening to all my school (and general) rants even when I know it sometimes bores you to death.
    8. Being my real life superhero.
    9. Teaching me the little things I would never get to learn in school.
    10. Being proud to call me your daughter.
Now I'm the clingy one.

Now I’m the clingy one.

  • LISTENING to the rain. Calming. But in the long run, annoying.
  • THINKING if I should just leave tomorrow. News says it’s traffic in NLEX. And my lazy ass is lazy to leave this spot. But then I have to wake up early. 9am classes suck.
  • SMELLING coffee. Proud to say I got the coffee thing from my dad. He always drinks coffee when he’s at home.
  • WISHING I could teleport. Always my dream superpower. Flying can go suck it if I could teleport.
  • HOPING my profs are out on July 6-10 and I won’t have to resched my trip.
  • WEARING grey pullover, plaid skirt. I’m laughing at myself. I’m wearing a skirt.
  • LOVING the cold sweater weather.
  • WANTING chewy chocolate chip cookie with extra chocolate chips.
  • NEEDING to change into shorts so I could sit anyway I like now.
  • FEELING fat. Real fat. And I could feel it’s not just because hormones. 
  • CLICKING through SNSs, and Abbey Sy‘s site. Hope her book becomes available in branches near me. I love her works.

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