Louise Ramos | Currently Vol.12
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.12

So it’s not Sunday anymore. Apparently, I can only go until the 11th volume until I finally break my Sunday streak. And in other news, yesterday was fun. We went to Splash Island in Biñan, Laguna and availed for their last day their marked-down price promo. It’s a weekend so there’s a lot of people but we were a lot as well, so I didn’t mind that much.

We were 12 out of 18 from our org batch. Reached quota, YAS! Went home at around 9 pm but upon lying down, I was drained out of my senses. So here goes the Sunday previously.

CURRENTLY (on a not sunday)

  • READING tour articles. Spending a week in Hong Kong next week; no parents, no curfew, just maps. What to do?
  • WRITING this.
  • LISTENING to Kape Pa! playlist in Spotify. Just pop. Changing the playlist after this song which reminds me, I need to bookmark new playlists.
  • THINKING couldn’t properly think rn. My head’s on flight mode, signals off. I’m just freaking stoked for next week. I keep thinking on what to pack and what camera to bring. I’m semi-forgetting the fact that I have an exam before I leave.
  • SMELLING very dry and dense air. Philippines, y u so hot?! Even Channing Tatum doesn’t make me this sweaty.
  • WISHING my Soc Sci 1 prof suddenly goes missing next week.
  • HOPING this week is chill and goes by fast.
  • WEARING H&M shirt I got for sale, black shorts, black sandals.
  • LOVING the company I’m having these days. I usually like being alone, but it doesn’t hurt to be around people that mean a lot to me. Yesterday: 12B, later on: my cousin Gab, and on Thursday: Pat.
  • WANTING to leave naaao. Or atleast go home and pack.
  • NEEDING money. People, I’m open for donations.
  • FEELING fat. And sleepy. Again. But I still am craving for a cookie though.
  • CLICKING The Real Price of Blogging: 5 Things You Need to Build A Badass Blog by Kisty. I think it’s the 6th time I’m opening this link just because it’s so detailed. On the process of learning.

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