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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.13

Doing this early because I’m supposed to be packing up now. Even at that I’m procrastinating. Anyways, I’ve been going on circles lately on the thought of how I can be more mature than some who are even older than me. Lola vibes. Maybe I’ve just been so sure of what I want with my life (at most times) and I shouldn’t blame others for not being so; but some people’s irresponsibility are plain irrational. Yes, I kill vibes; but I rather pass on some good vibes than pass on a promising future. And now a voice in my head is shouting “Red alert! Overthinking. Overthinking.” Disclaimer: the rain may have something to do with my mood rn.

Loosening back to this week, I’m lucky to have gone to a lot of places as a kid. My parents always make us go on trips like they want us to see everything they haven’t. #bestparentsever But this is my first major overseas trip without the parentals. Own booking, own money (I don’t even know how), own planning, own errthing. They just be backing me up on the flipside. I will probably be broke by the end of the week, so you can just catch me next weekend on the streets being all so hippie hobo with a matching guitar I really can’t play a whole song into. At least I’ll approvingly look the part.


  • READING Hong Kong travel guides. And staring at the MTR routes.
  • WRITING our tour itinerary. I’m really going in for the space and art museum. Such a nerd freak.
  • LISTENING to Hold Back The River cover by Kurt Hugo Schneider and Gentle Bones. ❤️ And internally crying because Alex Goot is now engaged! My first YouTube love (Yes, it was more than a crush) is getting married and I’m getting french fries for my loss.
  • THINKING /predicting that in 5 minutes my dad will go down and say “Why aren’t you packing yet?!”
  • SMELLING jealousy. I can smell the blood of Alex’s fiancee in my tears but I hate blood and I’m not really crying and I love Goot too much to deny him of his happiness. Chos. Drama. First Chad Sugg and now, Goot. The world loves punishing me.
  • WISHING. I don’t wanna say it because I might jinx it. I really am just holding on to this wish.
  • HOPING my wish comes true.
  • WEARING florally gay romper. #LoveWins people! *shoots rainbows everywhere*
  • LOVING this Merci Petits Coffee and Cream are they chocolate bars. Basta, they’re another one of my mom’s buy 1 take 1 buys and they’re surprisingly good.
  • WANTING a new camera. Fujifilm X-M1 or X-A2 please.
  • NEEDING this person to get their head straight. I have this problem of problemizing(?) about other’s problems. You prolly didn’t get that haha. I just care too damn much. Hassle.
  • FEELING lotsa emotions. I’m happy but the rain is swaying me otherwise.
  • CLICKING through different YouTube cover artists, making new playlists. Also on TripAdvisor and Discover Hong Kong.

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