Louise Ramos | Currently Vol.15
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.15

I’m kind of sad when I realized enrollment is happening next week. I want a break; a local vacay kind of thing. I want to do a lot of things, and I have some time actually (based on the hours of BuzzFeed videos I was able to watch), just not the motivation to move. Included in my list is to watch Ant Man (Paul Rudd, aaaaahhh ovaries!) and Magic Mike XXL (No clothes Channing, OMG more aaaaahhh!). I also haven’t tried Costa Coffee yet even if I’ve passed by it a lot of times now. Also, I need to get a new scanner and brush up on lettering for this photobook I’m doing. And I have to get flu vaccinated (Eeep).


  • READING this from BuzzFeed. I’ve been on BuzzFeed for the whole long weekend. And I have been doing thorough stalking (This I swear is productivity!) on the Try Guys. And yes, I am kind of obsessed with Eugene in Speedos. Though I do love all of them! (Even Ned and his wife. That deep bro.) And all their in-underwear videos. My heart is torn.
  • (SHOULD BE READING) powerpoint slides from my Science, Society, and Technology class. I do have finals tomorrow that I honestly give very little sht about. BuzzFeed playlists win.
  • WRITING to-do/buy lists. Another attempt on fixing my life. I’m rooting on only 2% probability that I’ll be looking at these lists again.
  • LISTENING to… Wait. I’m waiting for the next song to play haha. Corey Gray’s cover of Tove Lo’s Talking Body. iTunes library is on shuffle.
  • THINKING on my current spendings and money flow. Like an accountant’s daughter. Momma would be so proud!
  • SMELLING Bath & Body Works’ Tahiti Island Dream. Lol. I’m on the sofa and I don’t even want to know why I have a shower gel beside me.
  • WISHING I can accomplish this week’s self goals. (Which I won’t be telling because that would jinx it.)
  • HOPING the next song is upbeat. Now it’s Matchbox Twenty’s If You’re Gone playing. I’m having PMS moods kicking in and I might cry. Or stand to get polvoron and other sugar-infused edibles 10 feet away from me. Idk.
  • WEARING army green shirt-dress.
  • LOVING this morning’s breakfast. I want more bacon and eggs.
  • WANTING to go to Tinipak river. Hike buddy, anyone?
  • NEEDING magic research paper making skills for the next 4 days.
  • FEELING okay, then sad, then ok again, but mostly sad. And now emotional because Savage Garden’s playing. Can I have my monthly pain now so this gets over with?
  • CLICKING on every next YouTube video on this 1700+ BuzzFeed playlist.

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