Louise Ramos | #WRULou: Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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#WRULou: Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui, often abbreviated as TST, is an urban area in Kowloon. Pictured above is the famous Peninsula Hotel. Also, it’s where most of the tourist attractions are, including the Promenade, Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars, and the Clock Tower. It was our first day and our flight to HK was early, so after freshening up a little in our tita‘s flat in Whampoa, we took the bus again, dropped off in this familiar place and just followed to where our feet takes us. (Not very far because we have lola legs.) And we didn’t want to waste a whole day slacking off at home.

Bye Manila traffic!

Bye Manila traffic!

I had to place my airport pictures somewhere, right?

I had to place my airport pictures somewhere, right?

You’ve got to be crazy to not like Hong Kong’s skyline. And you’re full on insane if you don’t fall in love with it at night. Lights! Lights! Tangled’s paper hot air balloons have some competition.

I live for long walks on piers and well paved floors. So it’s no surprise that I find the Promenade to my liking. I usually won’t settle for famous landmarks in my itinerary, but with my Hong Kong memories only including that of me as a kid running on the Avenue of Stars and being one of the firsts to have my selfie taken in HK Disneyland, I wanted to redo everything.

On the other end of my list, I was keen on visiting museums during my stay. With that, most of my pictures were from the Hong Kong Museum of Art and then of the Space Museum‘s. Hong Kong Cultural Centre is in the TST area and consists of a total of seven museums! Seven! Will definitely come back alone to check out all of them next time. You can even get a long stay single pass for all of them. But we just chose to pay for $10 per museum visit. I’m kind of conscious when I have someone else with me on museums, that is. I’m thinking “Are they waiting for me?”, “Are they bored?”, “Are they still sane?”; and I find it hard to focus on the art. Not a lot appreciate standing still staring at what is supposedly the biggest fan in China with obscure ink splatters on it, all the time remaining silent with just water sound effects as background music (Well, sometimes there are cricket sounds). Museum visits for me is much like shopping really. Best done with no other obligations and no one following me around. Here’s to all those who hate saleslady stalkers! No, I don’t need to see all the colors these shoes are in. Sorry.

Lemme have a vain shot first.

Lemme have a vain shot first.

The colors! The posters! All ’em prints. Even the museum’s exterior walls were screaming #ahrt. This is now in my Peg Ko ‘To folder. I want this as my living room wall.

From the entrance you get to go to four floors of art with different galleries on each floor. Click continue reading below to have a glimpse of what’s inside.

to visualize such feelings…

Frankly, I found most of what were displayed something I was not accustomed to in museums. Most of the ones on the 2nd floor were projected videos of history or some sort. It was how I imagined the second before one’s death would be when you’re just standing there and whichever direction you look at, you see a clip from your past. But now, they’re all projected. One part of the gallery was even pitch black, with one of the walls with a black and white, probably 100 year old video. Then there were some ad-like rooms. Or maybe things were just in Chinese.

I did like the calligraphy, painting, and sculptures gallery though. And that where you get to see a gallery of vases and porcelains and gold sets.

Let's just say I'm a fan of this one.

Let’s just say I’m a fan of this one.

After all the art viewing, we stayed a little bit outside, walked some more, took pictures and people watched. (People watching is an obvious hobby. And it’s even more fun when you get to see different nationalities.)

Had to go back to my favorite wall. The emotional attachment is real.

Had to go back to my favorite wall. The emotional attachment is real.

Then we bought entrance passes and headed to the Space Museum. Population were mostly kids, but us lolas don’t care.

I was very amused with little kids running round the place. I have this genuine feeling of happy whenever I get to see 5 or something year olds discovering new things. Like a world is opening up to them. (Then this happy comes crashing down when I see a kid whining like a little bitch and starts crying.)

Someday, I'll get to pin each place down the map. One at a time.

Someday, I’ll get to pin each place down the map. One at a time.

Honey, you aren't a waste of space.

Honey, you aren’t a waste of space.


Funny how small we are compared to everything.

Funny how small we are compared to everything. And funnier how still hugely significant we can be. To the furthest constellations of our souls.

Never believed people that said Science and Art don’t go together. There were also shows presented at some nights in the Space Museum. After, we hung by the pier and then the Clock Tower. And we were supposed to try street foods in Hau Fook but since we weren’t that hungry yet, we went straight to the Ladies’ Market instead.

This caps off Day 1. My legs were swollen but it felt so good. If you got this far, you have been a patient little bug to stick through all my pictures. I love you. Yas.

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