Louise Ramos | Currently Vol.16
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.16

So, we just got home from a kind of staycation. Spent the weekend at Microtel by Wyndham in MOA. And there were a freaking lots of guests. Why?! I really don’t get it. Oldies had something to do in PICC, and we get to tag along. So as the adults were doing whatever it is they are supposed to be doing, my weekend was spent binge-eating and coffee drinking and movie watching and wrapping myself in white linen blankets. Yay!


  • READING nothing. I just remembered how I still haven’t bought Abbey Sy’s book, The ABC’s of Hand Lettering. I’m so bad at making do these to-do lists even though I remind myself of them almost every single day, and that makes me sad.
  • WRITING this. Should typing a text in Photoshop be considered as writing? Hmm?
  • LISTENING to BuzzFeed videos in the background. I have played around 100+ videos just for today. Waiting for weekly shows suck. (Watching on-air dramas again.) In between, I get lost in life and don’t know what else to watch. Thus, BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is my other lyf.
  • THINKING on how I should stop eating. For real. I’m growing like an elephant dude. And this ain’t cute like a baby elephant.
  • SMELLING aircon air smell. Does that count? On my 16th The Sunday Currently and I still can’t figure out what this smelling part is for. Whoever invented this series had way too much wine by this part of this thing.
  • WISHING zero calorie chocolate. No fat. No sugar. No anything. Just pure, awesome, chocolate taste. Legit wish right over here.
  • HOPING I finish enrollment in a day. Is that possible? Please be possible.
  • WEARING black shirt and bright orange boxers with palm trees on them.
  • LOVING Eugene Lee Yang. Okay, so I think I’ve had too much BuzzFeed now.
  • WANTING to sleep and not sleep at the same time. I’m tired but it’s 9:50. It’s like this is supposed to be my glorious hour, why am I sleepy?
  • NEEDING gold ink. I think this should be on my want list but I also think that I need this.
  • FEELING so full, it’s almost more sad than happy.
  • CLICKING on art online shops. Well, this is bad omen for my wallet.

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