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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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I Want What?!

I Want What

More than a wishlist, this is my Saving Up For list– a round down of the things I’ve been coveting for some time now which includes me walking pass by and back a hundred times over the same shop’s window area, drooling on screenshots, reading countless product reviews, and basically just waiting for cash to suddenly rain down on my I-need-this-in-my-life moment.


Sadly, I am not a rich bitch. And this GIF is forever relevant. So I’m posting my “wishlist” publicly as a sort of self motivation, and to shame myself if I, in some circumstance, am not able to fatten up my piggy bank for said things.


Photobook. Working on this one. Planning to order from Fotogra.ph and finally print my travel photo diaries but the editing and layout is taking forever. It’s mainly inspired by Abbey (She’s obviously one of my life pegs) & Tricie’s Life in Transit 2014 where they documented their 30-day trip around Southeast Asia.

Chucks IIChuck Taylor All Star II. Forever a sneakers girl. And when I found out that they’re revamping my all time classic staple (AND WITH NIKE LUNARLON TECHNOLOGY! YAAAS!), I have to have it. Or my high school spirit would crash down in complete chaos, with remains of only that of ashes of my could have been bliss if only I copped it.

Photoshop Keyboard photoshop-cc-mac-05Protector. And a new Mac Case to go with it. I want a marble one huhu. 1) for functional reasons. This would be very very useful, I think.  2) aesthetics.

Own Domain. Just how mSiteGroundany times have I said to myself that I’m buying this– but up to now, I haven’t. I just can’t really make up my mind on the web host. (Now looking at SiteGround) Haaalp me tech people!

IMG_20150719_000948~01Black Sandals. This two in particular from Sewn. I usually just splurge on sneakers but I do own a few pairs of sandals when I’m not up to constricting my feet. Overused is an understatement for them and I clearly need new ones.

Hard luggage. AHard Luggagelways wanted one. In a bright color so I could easily spot it in the airport baggage carousel. Or at least a luggage cover for my current one. Hopefully, I can save up for one before my next trip.

WacomDrawing Tablet. #artgoals. Was never that good drawing digitally but learning is always fun. (Unless it’s history or something. That’s no fun.) I was always hesitant on buying even if I’ve saved enough money for this before because I kept asking myself if I even have time to use it. Can I buy time along with the tablet?


Fujifilm X-A2. I want/need/want/need a new camera. Y so out of budget?! My DSLR is becoming a nuisance on trips because of the space it’s taking. So bulky. Lately, I always end up using my Canon digicam which I first bought just for waterproof/diving purposes. I want to shoot in RAW again even if post processing does take longer.

lampMetal desk lamp. Pixar feels all over. Before, I was planning to buy a metal stand lamp but it is soooo expensive. My wallet cannot. I cannot. Convincing myself that a desk lamp is sufficient for my werq table. And that it’s A++ for flatlays. Now if I can only have a bigger work desk.


As of now, I was able to cross down two of the many things I’m supposed to buy. Both of which, I’m ecstatic about!

HP2545HP All-in-One Printer. I have this weird thing for office supplies. Gift me a whole set of desk stuff (bond paper rim, stapler, pencil, pens, ink, etc.) for Christmas or my birthday and I would love you. I can finally scan my drawings again. *evil grin*

batch_CambodiaReturn ticket from Cambodia. Remember when I booked a one way ticket to Bangkok? I finally booked a ticket back but *drum rolls* from Cambodia! Holy sweet tapdancing Jesus. I’m making my backpacking dreams happen. I want to say “I cannot wait.” but I honestly have to because I’m still saving up for pocket money, but amazeballs! This. Is. Happening.

So, what are you saving up for?

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