Louise Ramos | Currently Vol.17
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.17

Currently Vol.17

Quickly passing by time aka bidding farewell to the money I have left, because in a while I’ll be going down to visit Common Room PH. Fuck you art for being expensively high maintenance! But I do love that I live directly above the shop! I’m thinking that the later I’ll go, the less people there’ll be. Hopefully. Been waiting for their opening weekend after stalking them for quite some time on Instagram. As for the weekend, this is the last before Academic Year 2015-2016 starts (cue in the Senior Blues). To go with my emotional state of self, I’ll be on a drama marathon for the night (sans the chocolate and chips because I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, and gawd have I pigged up).


  • READING The Art of Moment Collecting by Mikka Wee.
  • WRITING notes for tomorrow, then for the week. Last round of moving-in shopping tomorrow and I am on the lookout for damn good shelves and organizers. For them to look good in photos is a criteria.

    Oh sweet holy … My fave YouTube artists and deym classic feels. (And me going on an all solo musical/play as I hear Galileo GALILEOOO!)
  • THINKING ’bout dinner.
  • SMELLING air. Just air.
  • WISHING for portals to legit happen. What are inventors even inventing?!
  • HOPING I can save money from my allowance this sem. No travel funds (or any other funds) left.
  • WEARING tank top and army shorts, but will change to my white button down once I decide to leave the rabbit hole that is my room.
  • LOVING Heart to Heart. Ang babaw ng characters pero ang funny, whyyy. And Seo In-Guk from Hello Monster/I Remember You! The weekly wait for a new ep ages me in ways I cannot explain. Last time I was like this for a Kdrama was back in 2013 for I Hear Your Voice.
  • WANTING to not move but also buy/cook food. Nothing new here.
  • NEEDING to dress up now.
  • FEELING tamad. But I hafta go to Common Room.
  • CLICKING through Pinterest boards. Motivational posters. And I am still not motivated.

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