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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.18

My Sunday Currently consists of me standing on top of a chair so I could take a top view photo of my kunwari-ganyan-lang-kagulo-pero-swear-mas-nakakalokang-magulo-pa workspace. I can’t believe I missed not one, not two, but THREE The Sunday Currentlys. I hate myself. The past month has been hectic; mostly because we’ve been cramming up for an exhibit for our org’s yearly event: The National Civil Engineering Summit. It’s an exhibit. Such art, much glue, much scissors, much happy. But I hate it when art becomes a job and ultimately, a stress source. Like a “I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!” scene.
Too much had happened during said month. I killed one plant (I am very very very sorry), inhaled too much paint fumes, glue gunned my finger, glue gunned my leg, missed too many episodes, had around 5 to 10 I’m-crying-wtf-I-want-to-sink-to-the-ground-and-die episodes of my own, have had more mood swings than I think I’ve ever had for the longest time, and probably serial murdered the most people in my head during the said time frame as well. And most of my sleep incur inside the classroom (Not as sorry as with the plant, but still very sorry to my profs and currently non-existent acad life). After Wednesday, I shall have my life back. And I should not be typing these stuff on the last weekend before our Summit, but I figured out I might will go full on haywire if I don’t give myself a break. Hence, watercolor sessions for me. Not for the exhibit. Because fuck deadlines.


  • READING meh. I don’t even have time to eat or sleep.
  • WRITING. Watercoloring. That should count.
  • LISTENING to my go-to-playlist slash my coffee shop vibes playlist. Ending now is Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry. Now it’s Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved.
  • THINKING ’bout everything I have to do for the next 3 days.
  • SMELLING paint fumes. Constant smell of our room right now.
  • WISHING all goes well.
  • HOPING all goes well.
  • WEARING stripes maxi dress. And I just stayed at home the whole day (except for Sunday mass). Being so mababaw here, but I had to look good at least for today to make myself feel good again.
  • LOVING nothing. Negatron. (Okay, so I love that I have a new Aquarelle Watercolor Set which I bought I think 2 weeks ago, but I hate that I can’t use it until after Summit. Because I have to adult. Because priorities. Lyf.)
  • WANTING CBTL’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, but I went and they were sold out and I am concluding that the world hates me whyyyyy.
  • NEEDING to eat. Buy dinner or smtg.
  • FEELING the constant, never-ending, tired feeling.
  • CLICKING through Tumblr, Pinterest, SNS.

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