Louise Ramos | Currently Vol.21
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.21

The Sunday Currently Vol. 21

Currently back in my same spot 12 hours ago. The bed.


  • READING Love, Rosie. I know. I know. Late. I have this rule wherein I won’t watch a movie until I’ve read the book and last night marks the night I’ve broken that rule. And I feel guilty. So I’m reading the book now. But really, Lily Collins was worth it. Even her eyebrows alone were worth it.
  • WRITING. Drawing/painting again. Pinning a lot of hugot quotes and drawing stuff from there.
  • LISTENING to Quiet Weekend playlist on Spotify. But mainly I have The Fire and Say You Love Me stuck in my head.
  • THINKING if I should start packing. Leaving early for Manila tomorrow (First time in weeks that I’ve been home in the province and all I can say is, the food here is ugh. I am on a I’m not hungry-That is good-Still-not hungry-Yum loop for the weekend. And I am now 20 pounds over my regular weight.), haven’t fixed my stuff (or my brother’s, he listed me some to do/bring lists) and I am tamad. Bow.
  • SMELLING like I should also now be taking a shower.
  • WISHING pag-ibig. CHOS. Well, really. Chos again. I’m wishing I become, even if just a little wee bit more, responsible this week.
  • HOPING my movies download fast. Oh holy kings of the internet, do not sue me.
  • WEARING green tank top, this pants that fit like pajama but are too fancy to be just pajamas.
  • LOVING ehem. Jk. Loving that I get to maybe go hiking again this the weekend. Crossing my fingers for my 5th mountain this year! Though I’ve gone up this mountain before, hopefully, we’ll go on a traverse trail.
  • WANTING chocolate. We don’t have dark chocolate. My mom is on a diet. I am sad.
  • NEEDING a slap in the face. I’m being too indecisive lately.
  • FEELING full. Only child for the weekend and I feel like a fattened up pig ready to be sold out the market.
  • CLICKING Bēhance pages of people I secretly envy and blaming the earth for not giving me such amazing skills or part thereof. (And Let It Go starts playing in the background and I am not guilty and I’m clicking skip and not letting my issues go and because I do not like this song.)

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