Louise Ramos | #WRULou: Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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#WRULou: Lantau Island, Hong Kong

nLantau Island

This post is way overdue. 5 months post trip, I’m finishing off my Hong Kong series with photos from our second to the last day in HK– a.k.a. the day storm signal T8 was hoisted and we gave no fucks about it.

Despite news of an incoming storm, it was neither raining nor was it even cold. We weren’t going to cancel our plans of a beach shoot because 1. We’re vain 20-year-old millennials and 2. We packed beach clothes and luggage space is gold. So we hopped on the bus to Lantau for an hour ride and stopped by my aunt’s friend’s house by the sea. (Yas to Filipinos being scattered all over the world. And yas for the free lunch and boarding we get!)

n2015-10-08 03.06.06 1-side

Tong Fuk Beach

n2015-10-08 03.06.26 1

n2015-10-08 03.06.08 1

We’re practically the only one by the seaside (aside from this American family who left just right after we got there, and of course, the lifeguard monitoring the area).

n2015-10-08 03.06.12 1-down

So we already had one too many shots before the breeze got way too breezy and getting our feet wet meant freezing our toes to their popsicle deaths. The lifeguard then announces to not enter the water and apparently, storm signal T8 was announced for Hong Kong.

n2015-10-08 03.06.18 1

n2015-10-08 03.06.30 1

Must we really leave?

n2015-10-08 03.06.11 1

n2015-10-08 03.06.05 1

n2015-10-08 03.06.17 1

T8 meant that work operations are stopped, people are advised to go home, and even public transportation would come to a halt around 5pm. Basically, everything on a shut down. It wasn’t even raining yet by this time. And I remember braving crazy ass rain back home (channelling Medusa on a bad hair day, legs all soaked, with sneakers turned to flippers) because our almighty PH system doesn’t know when the right time is to cancel classes. HK, that pre-typhoon move made me love you.

n2015-07-10 09.21.05 1

We stayed a wee bit longer but eventually, we had to leave if we wanted to get home on the same day. And also because security were going all Chinese on us.

n2015-10-08 03.06.29 1

n2015-10-08 03.06.03 1

n2015-10-08 03.06.04 1


The rest of the day was spent staying in, sorting out photos, and fixing our luggage for the next day’s return flight. Looking back, I miss authentic dimsum the most, and I’m here in my bed at 2am thinking about wonton. Cries. Hopefully, I’ll be back really soon. (Also because my brother wants to go toy hoarding in HK after all the lego and Pokemon plushies I got him) For the mean time, my stomach will have to deal with Chinese take-aways.

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P.S. Hello from Siem Reap! I can’t wait to post-process this trip’s photos. Senior year got me on digital life hiatus but I’m alive again and roughly a thousand miles away from school, so fck that. The next month’s all for good karma.

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