Louise Ramos | 2015 in Recap
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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2015 in Recap

n2015 in recap

First things first, post-Merry Christmas and pre-Happy New Year!

2015 has been an awesome year for me. 2015 is gold. The only thing I might have regretted is not journalling through my day to day this year. Ibang level katamaran ko this year pls. Looking back, a lot has happened. Thankfully, most of them good, even with all those unplanned sht happening in my life. But with smartphones being my all-in-one go-to thing, I stopped documenting down my life in paper: which is something I promise to go back to in 2016. (Hello to my 4 2016 planners as of now, and I still can’t pick which one will be my main bae) As per usual, I did not complete my #2015goals, #2015resolutions, #2015bucketlist. Like who the hell can really stick through with all that? I’m OC and all, but that list becomes imaginary by February. Despite so, 2015 is one for the books (and the camera, wew my laptop space got drained this year.) Here’s a recap of my 2015:


I did not exceed my list but I sure did exceed my expectations. This has got to be the highlight of my 2015. Started with a mountain climb right after new year (which is how I’ll also be starting the next year, suggestions where?) and ended with a cross country trip. Don’t want to jinx my 2016 plans so I’m not revealing that yet, but I’m crying buckets if I can make them happen. But first, renewing passports.


P.S. Check where I’ve been to this year here. And Thailand and Cambodia trip diaries to follow very very soon.


I am genuinely happier and more content than I’ve ever been. I am so thankful for a lot of things this year, but mostly for my family for supporting whatever my cray head sets itself into. Whether it’s under career choices, interests, always holding on to me and for trusting me enough to let me go. Same, I’ve learned to let go of things (and people) that do me no good– and make time for those that matter. (2016 mantra: Don’t settle for bullshit.)

IN $$$

So this year has not been so money-savvy. (With all the places I’ve been going to and some impulse buys in between) but I’ve saved a little here and there and what I’m sure of is, I’ve never been more satisfied with where I’ve spent my money on– whether in things or experiences. Basically, makwenta kasi ako. (Consequences of having an accountant mom) Also, here’s to the last year of me being a student. I better hustle fast after graduating, wouldn’t want to write unemployed on departure and arrival cards.



I’m not the kind to post on Facebook, and lately I’ve stopped tweeting. I do stalk through Twitter a lot though. But Instagram is lyf. Huhu and I should lower it down a notch. I don’t post by the day-to-day basis but my hands are always itching to refresh the feed. Also, this blog has been my outlet this year. And I’m sticking with that. Thank you for sticking out with me as well. ❤️



Maybe the thing-slash-people I’ll miss the most come grad. *cue drama*

Every sem, I think that this is the hardest, but apparently, the next semester always proves the previous one wrong. But aaaaah. 9/10 semesters down, one last to go! Nothing sweeter (and scarier) than just 5 months of college left. I try not to think too much but then it hits me in the middle of nowhere / everywhere (aka middle of eating, showers, driving, waiting in line at the store): fuck thesis pa, tapos boards, paano pag di ako pumasa, 5 years for nothing, omg omg, omg Engr. Ramos by this time next year, omg never gonna be as smart (and cool) as my dad, I have to work, not just werq, no vacation for a year kasi have to earn leave credits, hahahaha iyak, haha bullshit, okay I need cake. I only have 9 units left (hopefully) but another life unfolding after that. Ang hirap isipin na I won’t have schedules or won’t see UP or my friends. Like how to life / how to adult after June? Now, I don’t know how to feel about 2016.



Charot. Kbye.

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