Louise Ramos | #WRULou: The Golden Mount Bangkok
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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#WRULou: The Golden Mount Bangkok

nThe Golden Mount

Before 2015 ended, I crossed a huge thing off my bucket list: do a cross-country trip. And I’m happy to have done it with a friend. We had no fixed itinerary, and it was more of an adventure rite or something of the sort than just another one of my trips. For constant travelers or backpackers, this was normal, but for me, it was a challenge, a new experience: going out of my way to visit 2 countries I’m hardly familiar of and crossing borders without legit research. (But yes, I did research but not on my usual OC-level. Di ko kayang magpakasobrang lost bata pls. And I pictured my death ala movie with grim background music, dark ambiance, ((or biglaan nalang)) I do not intend it to be in the middle of the holiday season and during a well-deserved vacation.) I was coaching myself that if I could do this, then I’m all out for maybe making my rotting bucket list finally happen.

I’m the sort to always have plans and I had a lot listed down on what I wanted after graduation. Taas ng pangarap eh. But I’m honestly scared of this year. Things don’t always go as you plan them and I needed a feel of the spontaneity. I was thinking if I could go through this trip just as it is, then I could be ready to make my plans happen and also, be humble enough to just go and see where they take me. It’s ironic and hard to explain but my head works in knots (loka loka 😂) and… let’s just go back to Thailand, shall we?

n2015-12-29 04.42.14 1

After landing in Suvarnabhumi Airport, I adjusted my watch (Feel na feel. 1 hour lang naman!), bought ourselves sim cards (Such a millenial. Can’t leave without 4G!) and called our hotel, Isanook, if we could do with an early check-in. It was just past 9am and they gladly said yes after passing me on and on between lines to someone who speaks English. The hotel was A+ though upon check-in and all after that. Review to follow. And after resting a bit in our room, we had lunch and decided to go out since we didn’t want to waste the day.


Not being able to plan, I predownloaded Bangkok PocketGuide which has walking tours available. Just turn on your GPS and it shows a map and lists of places and you choose a tour from the list. Once you’re at one of its starting points, it guides you from there. It’s funny how we let an app be our tour guide. We look like either lost kids or stuck-up teens who can’t put down their phones. But the app even talks facts and trivias and though I don’t really listen to it, it’s still amazing! 2016 and we still don’t have real hoverboards, but future, you’re getting there.

So for our first day we visited temples and shopped at Khao San road. And walked a real lot! First off is The Golden Mount.

n2016-01-07 12.32.13 1

n2016-01-07 12.32.16 1-side

n2015-12-31 08.46.22 1-side

n2015-12-31 08.46.27 1-tile

More about this when you click the button below.

The Golden Mount is an artificial hill in which the Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan (wew, I just copy-pasted that from Google, I can’t even reached the 3rd word) temple rests at its peak. It takes 344 steps to reach the top and you go on a circular route to traverse it. The walk up gives the feel of a rainforest, surrounded by trees, plants, and smoke (incense infused maybe?) coming from the sides and the flooring. Channel Jungle Book vibes and strut like Shanti with her vase on her head.

n2015-12-29 04.53.25 1-side

n2015-12-31 08.46.26 1-side

n2015-12-29 05.03.52 1

Ring me!

n2016-01-11 12.59.47 1-side

You see bells everywhere! And lots of people ring them too.

n2015-12-31 08.46.18 1

Ansaveh ng smoke effect

n2016-01-11 12.59.48 1-side

Pagoda / Pagod(a) na kong maglakad

n2015-12-27 06.06.09 1

n2016-01-11 12.59.43 1

n2015-12-31 08.46.16 1

At the top you get a view of the city and huge golden structures including Buddha shrines and a giant golden bell. Locals and Buddhists are also worshipping and it was nice to see people sharing the faith.

n2015-12-31 08.46.21 1

n2015-12-29 04.52.20 1-tile

n2015-12-27 06.06.08 1

n2015-12-29 04.52.18 1-side

n2015-12-27 06.06.10 1

n2015-12-27 06.06.11 1

n2015-12-29 04.52.17 1-side

The day is starting out golden (literally) and more photo diaries are coming up.

Disclaimer: I’m not Buddhist and I’m sorry if I disrespected your religion in any way through this post. You may inform me through the comments below on anything that must be removed or changed and I will gladly edit it. This is solely a personal review and mean no offense whatsoever. (Also, some photos from this entry were taken by MNPMendoza.)


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