Louise Ramos | January Haul and Beauty MNL Review
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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January Haul and Beauty MNL Review

January Haul

Ending the first month of the year broke. 😂😭
So I’m one of the girls who hate shopping. It’s not the shopping I actually hate–but the hassle of going to the mall, the traffic, parkings are always full, the massive amount of people you have to push through inside, and then going home not really finding what you’re looking for. So, in a nutshell, I hate crowded places and malls are one of them. And I praise whoever invented online shopping! I do most of my shopping via clicking and typing in credit card details, and I usually just go out for groceries and to bookstores.

One place I love going to in my real-self-body though is Common Room. And it’s just below where I live! So I usually go on a weekly basis to check out new stuff and sometimes, even in just my pambahay. Located in Dela Rosa St., Katipunan Ave., Quezon City–its a place for makers. Art lovers would want to lock themselves up in here.

Common Room 3

Letters by ABC

This month I bought a new mixing palette (from The Craft Central, Php 180) because I needed a new travel friendly one, the same gadget decal I had before (Goal Digger sticker from @pluma_ph, Php 100), and finally got my hands on Abbey Sy‘s Letters by ABC postcards (Php 350)! Been looking for it in bookstores, but I’m always unlucky. So happy Common Room’s got ’em! I also have her ABCs of Hand Lettering, so obviously am a fan. Eyeing a new plant from them again, even when I already have three in the condo I sometimes forget to water. Also, I bought Uni pin markers for sketches. I’m still saving up for another Pens Galore haul. I want the Faber Castell Pitt Artists Pen Black Boxes!

Mac Case

New year calls for a new laptop case. Been eyeing the marble cases before they even go on retail in stores and now they’re finally here. I throw my bag (which has my laptop in it) just about anywhere and so I break my cases so damn easily. I think I changed thrice last year. Am going to miss my sticker filled scrapbooky clear case though. Bought my marble case (Php 1000) from @spectrum_ph where I also bought the clear case it replaced.

Beauty MNL

Also, this month I got to try out Beauty MNL, an online shop for drugstore finds and some variety things after that as well. They’re still on their big brands sale until tomorrow so go! And their packaging for shipping is nice–comes in a resealable and reusable pouch. They have their own carrier so you know your order will safely arrive.

Beauty Manila 3

Beachborn Sea Salt Spray

Also not a beauty enthusiast but Beauty MNL sure is convenient. I know a few friends who love hoarding make-up. And I just let them make me their test subject; I suck at cosmetics myself. I highly recommend checking this site out if you’re a make-up lover. They also have some hard to find brands, and sales too, and shipping was fast– ordered on a Saturday night, arrived in my doorsteps come Monday. All I needed to get was a dry shampoo, and the ones I buy off the mall bite a huge chunk from my wallet. So when I saw how there were good reviews of the Beachborn Sea Salt Spray (Php 180) and David Organics Dry Shampoo (Php 179), I decided to try them out. These are waaay cheaper than salon brands. And am very satisfied with my decision to do so. I love Beachborn! It’s also a volumizing spritz for your hair but they say you can use it as dry shampoo too. I usually wash my hair in the morning but it takes too long to dry. But when I wash my hair at night (It’s still damp when I wake up though), I feel the need of a dry shampoo come morning. I have the thickest hair ever (for real, Merida from Brave movie real) and also, it curls when it feels like it. My head’s got its own head, really. The Beachborn Sea Salt Spray fixes my wild beast hair when I have no time to deal with it.

Beauty MNL 2

I also placed in the cart L’Oreal Tint Caresse in Lily Blossom (Php 350, the only make-up I use are lip thingamabobs to at least give me some color, and this one’s in between peachy and nude; not yet used to powdered lip colors though) and Jarful of Goodness’ Lavender and Vanilla Sea Salt Scrub (Php 188, this smells sooooo good! And feels like a home spa thing or the aftereffects of an oil massage). And we finally have a mirror outside the bathroom. Everything Ikea is ♥️. This one’s from Lazada and I have to buy another set for inside the room because I loved it that much. Paid just Php 672 for a set of 4 30×30 cm mirrors because of helloPay’s additional 15% off. I’m a sucker for additional discounts.
Did you buy yourself any gift(s) this month? Any shopping sites you’re hooked to lately?

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