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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.26

Currently Vol.26

It’s February! But it’s a Monday, ew. But it’s also just past 1 a.m. so I’m treating now as a Sunday still.
I’ve spent the last two hours in the attic, rummaging for things and being nostalgically emotional. All I had to do was get some textile paint and cloth scraps from last year, but being me, I spent one hour going through a hundred of other stuff–which led me to find this Sia wig (which we used for last year’s Maski show)–and another 30 minutes setting up a mini shoot in the attic. Granny hair, don’t care.

Engineering Week is fast approaching and I am legit stoked. And crying. Dumb ass crying. My best college memories are because of Eng’g Week. I backread through our event group last year and it stings. I miss the ACES Maskipaps 2015 team. I miss Lianne! My Eng’g week headships and activities got me back into sketching and consisted of consecutive days of no sleep–just paint, costumes, glue, and sewing machines–but I’ve never felt more energized. I was in my element.


  • READING (should be reading) my thick pile of class readings. Sucks to have a general education class again. Well, I’m obviously not reading them now, but I hope to drag myself to do so after this post.
  • WRITING notes for Maski and Miss Eng’g costumes this year. (Both are events during Engineering Week in our college, which is like a battle between organizations where you earn points to win. Much like House Cup in Harry Potter. So you see, this. is. a. big. deal. House Cups are always a big deal. I’m this attached and now I’m thinking why did I decline being a head in my last Eng’g week. I don’t get myself most of the times.)
  • LISTENING to Troye Sivan’s discography. Best way to cap the night.
  • THINKING why didn’t I read my readings this morning? Why self? Why?
  • SMELLING minty face mask. Hahaha. My face is covered right now in a black mask–the very few moments when I’m pa-girl.
  • WISHING #EWOC wooooo!
  • HOPING MNTC replies to my email. I can’t proceed with my thesis without getting responses and permits first. Huhu.
  • WEARING gym shorts (as if nag-g-gym!) and striped tank top. Ready to zzzzz.
  • LOVING my wig. Haha. Been wearing it since I’ve seen it, and can it be semi-permanent for the week?
  • WANTING photographic memory. I have to memorize the map and borders and features of South East Asia and I haven’t started yet. Yay me. Boo exams.
  • NEEDING to cut my nails. My nails can never get long because they’ll crack by themselves and it’s such a hassle when they do so. I need to cut them short now before they crack.
  • FEELING still on the nostalgic thing. Throwback to our nakakalokang extra cray Maski worknights this time last year.
  • CLICKING mostly Pinterest, making costume inspo boards. I should quit this sem and just go set up an art and costume shop. Oh god, how I wish I could do that. #goals

So my last few hours of this Sunday currently is me talking to myself–of life and passion and memories and all that. I’m just mostly grateful that despite sticking through with Engineering (I sound like I hate it, I don’t; I really want to be an engineer. Sometimes. 😂), I still get to do things like making costumes, sketching fashion illustrations, Divisoria goodies shopping, craftsy shitty stuff–even for at least once a year. To you reading this, always have time to do what you love. Always. //cue me hating myself for being sentimental tonight. I should just be sleeping.

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