Louise Ramos | #WRULou: The Grand Palace, Bangkok
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#WRULou: The Grand Palace, Bangkok

The Grand Palace

*drumrolls* *strut walks* *bows* Royalty for a day! A trip to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Grand Palace. You just have too! And then you’ve got to gram a pic (or two or 3, …) because that’s what a queen would do. So I’m going to write this post with Lorde’s Royals playing in the background and I like to believe that I’ve finally maybe seen a diamond in the flesh.

2016-02-05 02.52.57 2-side-down

Unlike real royalty though, no one’s going to be carrying you around in a throne touring you around the place. You’ve got to walk. A lot! And there’s hundreds of other people too inside, but in the very very (really very) few circumstances, I’m alright with the crowd. It’s too golden that it’s worth it. Also, it’s not free. Entrance fee is 500 Baht (≅670Php) and that includes a day pass to the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and another ticket to the Vihanmek Mansion / Museum. They’re open from 8:30 in the morning until 3:30 pm. Click read more to view my photo diary.

2016-02-06 12.32.44 1-down

2016-02-06 11.55.44 2-tile

Dress code is strict, btw. There’s guards all over the place whom you’ll have to play temple-run-live-edition with if you do decide to make a sprint in the entrance in shorts and a tank top. Proper clothes for visit include tops with sleeves, and pants or skirts covering up to your ankles. They do let you borrow coverups in case you forgot though. You just have to pay a deposit and you get your money back when you return the clothes.
You can fashown pa rin naman without having to bare that much skin. And it’s respect for their religion too. It is temples you’re visiting.

2016-02-06 12.21.49 1-down-side

2016-02-05 03.02.42 1-tile

You can see some parts of the temples and structures from outside the gates and from the entrance but go ahead and pay 500 Baht because you’re not going to regret it. From both afar and near, I’m amazed at how I’m not running out of amazement of how this temples are for real. I’m at awe at small handcrafted stuff so imagine me here circling, looking at heavily detailed walls and roofs that there’s no way they’re not individually handcrafted as well. It’s just out of breath that I’m running out of. The day we went there was seriously humid but also that made everything colored gold shine a little bit brighter.

2016-02-06 01.04.50 1-down

2016-02-06 12.21.52 1-side-down

2016-02-06 11.55.38 1-tile

There’s a map you can get once inside, but it’s almost of no use. The place is big so just keep walking and stop and stare every now and then. You’ve got to remove your shoes when entering some of the temples–and you can’t take photographs on most of them. You’ll be seeing monks worshipping, and tourists just become part of the huge place. Buddhists pray, people take pictures, guards stay on guard. Everything’s of the norm, but the setting just isn’t normal–it’s too majestic to be.

2016-02-06 12.09.32 1

2016-02-06 12.21.48 1-tile

2016-02-05 03.02.43 2

2016-02-06 01.04.53 1-tile

Intricate details. OMG. Heaven. All carvings and wall paintings are one of a kind. No two faces are the same and they seriously nailed Pantone color palettes. Can my room just have these tiles, please?

2015-12-16 06.26.44 1

2016-02-06 12.09.31 3-down

2016-02-05 02.53.02 1-side

2016-02-06 12.21.44 1

2016-02-05 03.02.40 3-side-down-side

There’s a miniature model of the Angkor Wat there too, and do try going inside all of the buildings. Most of them are museums where you could see weapons and stuff older than any of us are. We actually ran into some art students having their field trip in the Grand Palace. And I was thinking how amazing school trips like those would be. They’re culture is just so rich. Just like how the colors of everything there are. Things were mostly explained and written in Thai and maybe the next time I go, I could stay a bit longer to take all of it in.

2016-02-06 11.55.39 1-side

2016-02-05 02.52.56 1-tile

2016-02-05 02.52.59 1-down

There’s a certain part of the place which looks a little like that of a British castle. With less painting and more on the clean, plain, white exteriors. Though as of what I know, Thailand’s the only Southeast Asian country not colonized. It’s all of their own.

2016-02-06 11.55.35 1-down-side

2016-02-06 12.09.23 1-down

2016-02-06 01.04.54 1-side

2016-02-05 03.02.42 2-down-side

2016-02-06 12.21.41 1-side

There’s no way anyone could hate this place. I vibered some photos to my family while I was there and my brother keeps asking me “Are you sure those aren’t stock photos?”, because really, even I would think they were. Thank you Bangkok, for being so picturesque! I’m no royalty but at least for a day, I get to be poser-royalty. 💁 Now where’s my prince? (Or alalay nalang lol) And my snaps got featured on Bangkok Live when we were there. Haha. Yas queen feeling all over the place, and all over me!

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