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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.27

Currently Vol.27

Long weekend! But I’m really on long weekend every weekend because I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but yeah, long weekend! Sunday spent at home is ♥️. Aside from my room (where I could practically live as a hobbit in), I can lazily spend all day in our side porch. It’s my spot at home. (Also the single seater sofa chair adjacent the door going to the porch) It’s been a norm for me to direct myself here when I leave my room–for projects, studying, jump rope spot lol, or to waste time. Maybe because this certain spot at home just looks so hipster, I cannot think of any other reason. Haha. Ambiance is a must for productivity, yes? The wall opposite this photo is even a brick wall. 😂 I’ve locked myself out here from Saturday afternoon until now. I’ve been painting on a huge piece of cloth for a costume and I’m writing this as a “break”.


  • READING Ready Player One which I stopped reading last week and I should just restart reading it. Right now reading Chinese New Year horoscopes, though. Maybe bullshit, maybe not. No harm in knowing about how this pig will do this year. Please don’t let me die and become bacon. I know you read them too.
  • WRITING just this.
  • LISTENING Maroon 5’s discography. Songs About Jane album just finished. Maroon 5 always hits the right spots.
  • THINKING dinner. Forever baboy at home.
  • SMELLING dinner being prepared. Waiting. Waiting. Maybe I’ll check the kitchen for a while.
  • WISHING good luck this year. I’m starting to be so gypsy-Kung-Hei-Fat-Choi-hopeful because I need all the luck for 2016.
  • HOPING thesis progress. Fuck.
  • WEARING black top, black/grey shorts. And I have acrylic all over my arms and legs.
  • LOVING Swiss Miss dark chocolate on black coffee. Already had 2 huge mugs just for this afternoon.
  • WANTING an out-of-town trip again. Where my kaladkarin friends at?
  • NEEDING to clean up my mess. The floor is hinding somewhere behind all these newspapers and scraps.
  • FEELING happy–because personal project. But really feeling as if I’m about to catch a cold. Oh god no, please.
  • CLICKING Bloglovin’ blog searchin’, and inspo boards on Pinterest. Usuals.

Happy Chinese New Year. And happy, it’s Sunday but you don’t have to wake up early tomorrow day!

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