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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.28

Currently Vol.28

My week has been busy. Had a lot of things to catch up on (and not just TV shows this time), then also had a few wtf episodes (aka flat tire when I had to thesis in an expressway, wew timing wew, but thank god for batchmates ♥️), and generally just lifed. Like most nights for the past days, I am on Photoshop. I just got home after getting a quick haircut because my Merida hair is now worse than Merida’s. And trying to get through maybe 3/4 of my trip photos before the night ends.
Last year, part of my ‘What I’m Saving Up For’ is a photobook. I’m almost done layouting my 2nd one and I’ll have them printed by the end of the week (hopefully).
Also, I haven’t been posting art stuff because doing self projects instead. But there’s some I’ll be scanning tomorrow which I was working on last month but I forgot about it midway and just finished this morning. As usual.


  • READING blog posts. Catching up on Bloglovin’. All the time remembering the novels I abandoned after 2 or 3 chapters.
  • WRITING lettering stuff. For photobook stuff. I have a lot of stuff to stuff rn.
  • LISTENING to the Presidential Debate from the TV. And my mom and dad’s opinions about it. (edit: back to Spotify on random since it’s all over now.)
  • THINKING about all the food I ate today and now we’re going to eat dinner again. Wut diet?!
  • SMELLING my hair. Because fresh hair from the salon always smell soooo good. Drugstore shampoos, step up your game.
  • WISHING #EWOC wooooo! (copy pasting this. SMOKERS NA SA FRIDAY)
  • HOPING more thesis progress. Hope everything gets approved this week.
  • WEARING gym shorts again. And a shirt 3 sizes larger than my usual.
  • LOVING my nude nails lol. Pagirl.
  • WANTING to fast forward to Wednesday. Having a short Batangas getaway with my batchmates. On a school night. Graduating perks.
  • NEEDING to do the adult things I’ve been postponing–renew passports, renew driver’s license, get visas. Huhu long government office lines.
  • FEELING excited. For this week and the next and just everything.
  • CLICKING just a few posts. Issuu magazines and zines. <– Been on Issuu a lot lately. Magazine werq dreams!

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