Louise Ramos | Artventure: Vargas Museum
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Artventure: Vargas Museum

Vargas Museum 25

Before January ended, I took time to visit the museum nearest me–and by nearest, I mean just inside our school campus, UP Diliman. The last time I visited was maybe 4 years ago, freshman year, for a class (Art Stud) requirement. I pass by it almost everyday and never really gave much interest to it–for reasons I don’t know why. Now I’ve been visiting about every other week, constantly checking whether a new exhibit is up and generally wasting the very few free time I have left before I srsly need to get my thesis sht together.
Fun fact: entrance is free for UP students, alumni, employees, and faculty every Wednesday! You just have to present your I.D. For the rest of the week, entrance is just Php 20 for students, etc as above; and Php 30 for everyone else. Not gonna cost you an arm to visit!

Vargas Museum 03

Vargas Museum 24

I didn’t have classes on Wednesdays, and taking advantage of the free entrance, I went ahead after seeing pictures on Facebook about Sergio Bumatay III’s Anima exhibit.

Vargas Museum 01

Vargas Museum 02

Vargas Museum 23

Coincidentally, BENCAB: Another Scale was also up during that time. Yes, the Ben Cabrera as in Ben Cab Museum in Baguio. It was part of their 50th year celebration.

Vargas Museum 21

Anima: A Picturebook in Space is like stepping into a 3D book. Instead of flipping the pages, you walk into it. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure what it was about and was not keen on researching before going–I just thought it was cool and wanted to see it for myself. And it was cool, really. LOL . I’m like a kid just curious about things–and life in general.

Vargas Museum 19

Vargas Museum 13

Vargas Museum 22

Vargas Museum 14

Vargas Museum 04

A lot of things were hanged up in walls and fixed to the floor, and I just loved the artist’s style. It was playful, (I’m really a kid ok, so I love what 6-year olds usually love) yet you know there was something he was going for.

Vargas Museum 12

Vargas Museum 10

Vargas Museum 09

Vargas Museum 08

This hand-painted dress wow-ed me. Basically, it was my inspiration for our Miss Engineering candidate’s costume. Explains why I finished up containers of textile paint in the past month.

Vargas Museum 20

Vargas Museum 18

Vargas Museum 11

Vargas Museum 05

Vargas Museum 17

Vargas Museum 06

Vargas Museum 07

Vargas Museum 15

Vargas Museum 16

That day was all just chill, going to school without any acad requirement. Now I’m just waiting for another exhibit that would make me go back.

Jorge B. Vargas Museum has a WordPress site you can check here. They post current and incoming exhibits and shows if you do plan to visit. They’re open 9am to 5pm, and closed on Sundays and Mondays. There’s a cafe too out front!

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