Louise Ramos | Currently Vol.29
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.29

Currently Vol.29-1

How long since I last wrote my last TSC? Currently, my Sundays have been the same. Sleeping in. Doing nothing. I have more life in the weekdays. If my days were in bullets it’ll be: sleep, wake up, eat, opens laptop, want to watch something?, checks WordPress, draw and paint maybe, omg school pala for 3 hours, let’s cook bec you’re bored, eat some more, oooh flight sales, quick getaways kasi kaladkarin, UPTC, jump rope kasi you ate a lot, and if all else fails: sleep again, repeat.

So lately I’ve been giving myself personal projects and I have been drawing more instead. Still waiting until I can get to work when my thesis data comes, but for the mean time, still a bum.


  • READING blog after blog. Blog posts hopping. And going on a follow spree. Because I clearly have other things I need to do and this is me doing my best at procrastinating.
  • WRITING or instead watercoloring. I’ve been painting since I woke up, and I had this idea at around 2am–and the best of my ideas are at that time so–now I’m whipping up a new series for this blog that would maybe be up within the week. Once I get my thesis report over with.
  • LISTENING to Seventeen by Alessia Cara. Just Spotify’s Pop Chillout playlist while I try to “art”. Oh really how I wish I could freeze the time at 17. (edit: am on the wearing part and All My Friends is playing and can I just say I’ve been singing this for weeks in school lol.)
  • THINKING next week. Thinking ahead. I’m at that slump again. Don’t want to grow another year older. Or maybe I just don’t want to adult like I always don’t want to adult.
  • SMELLING sylvanas. Will be eating sylvanas.
  • WISHING or more or less cursing at why haven’t I received data progress emails yet from this private company. Ilang weeks na po please. I need to graduate. Gimme data. Huhuhuhu. (Am also emotionally cray because I feel the wrath of hell aka time of the month coming and can I hide in a cocoon now?)
  • HOPING I get those emails quick. Like pwede mamaya na quick? I think I even have this disease of checking my emails every 5 minutes–just in case–but then it’s just a social media ad, sucks.
  • WEARING white shorts, loose bohemian (?) top. Haven’t bothered to change clothes since this morning. Not going anywhere until 6pm anyway.
  • LOVING a maybe short vacation next weekend. Still bummed about how we were supposed to go to EK tomorrow but found out they were closed. Kid in me is sad.
  • WANTING sylvanas now. But only 3 more lines and I’m good to go. And I want to attend all the events and art workshops lines up for March 19-20. Can I split myself into like maybe, 10? And have millions too?
  • NEEDING progress report. K.
  • FEELING like I need a break from not doing anything. The ‘I am (We were) on a break.’ is never a good line.
  • CLICKING through Dramabeans, thinking what I will watch while eating after I publish this. Sobrang baboy wtf.

Stay Golden


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