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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Hanging Out At Hey Kessy


Lately my life has been feeling like it’s wrapping itself up and wrecking it as well. My thesis is moving like a dehydrated snail on a desert–thinking about how to kill itself to free its soul from this agony, and god am I so scared of not graduating on time; but then on my non-school life, I’ve been having a lot of opportunities saying “It’s alright, the engineering thing sucks anyway. Go make art instead!” and now I get way excited whenever my email notification rings. But still do hope I get emails regarding thesis. I swear I’m closing in my weekend just for acads.

Birthday Month Surprises 2: I’m an intern at Hey Kessy!
So I wasn’t supposed to write about this until my internship is over but I wanted to tour you around the shop and my workspace for the past weeks. Also because the shop in Esteban Abada will have it’s last day on the 29th. *cries* No worries though, we’re cooking up something #BrighterAndBetter, but do drop by the shop if you can, and join us for the last time! There’ll be a mini party on March 29 (Tuesday) at 5:30pm!

aHey Kessy store

I’ve been hanging out at Hey Kessy for a while–hoarding things I don’t necessarily need. They sell a LOT of washi tapes! But now they’ve got all sorts of materials as well–from calligraphy to carving, stamping, papercutting, and even bags and all ’em cute stuff.

aHey Kessy store2

It started with just bringing washi tapes to the Philippines–then they’ve got artists here to make their own washi designs. Hi again Abbey Sy! Lol. Fangirl. Mansy Abesamis runs the shop. She’s a papercut artist and whoa is she good at it! I’ve never joined any of her workshops (or any other workshop) yet, thinking how they cost so much and I would rather buy new materials instead and look for tutorials online. And now seeing her do crafts in front of us–I cray. The studio is also a workshop place while we’re at this. Hey Kessy holds lettering, slab pottery, etc. You can check upcoming workshops and register here.



The best part of this is–I get to have their studio as my workspace! Most of the time I’m just on Pinterest crafting up new ideas. Also, I’m currently writing for their blog: heykessy.blogspot.com, new posts aren’t up yet but you could check up on it still. I’ve got DIY tutorials to be published there!

a2016-03-12 06.36.20 1-tile copy

I never thought I’ll be part of their team–even if just a small bit of it. I mean, I’m an engineering major. Never studied art or anything close. I just love how they keep on promoting “Let’s Be Makers!”–reminding me that I don’t need to be crafty or knowledgeable or known. I just have to keep on making!


The shop is closed tomorrow and on Good Friday, but it’ll be open again for the weekend! Maybe you could place the Hey Kessy shop on your Holy Week break itinerary! And maybe I’ll see you next week too–oh tell me if you’ll drop by–I’ll hoard materials with you. And I might be just next door in the studio then. You can also buy online if you can’t visit us. We’re up on heykessy.com. Then we’ll ship to your doorsteps.

And follow us on Instagram, @heykessy, so you could be updated after the shop closes on the 30th. Next time we’re seeing you, Hey Kessy will be #BrighterAndBetter!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.12.10 PMArt by Mansy Abesamis; photo from HK’s Instagram
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I actually have some of these pictures even before I started internship at Hey Kessy. I love Hey Kessy a lot, and I just thought that maybe you’ll come to love it too through this post. And visit while you have the chance! The shop will close for the last time on March 29–what comes after that?–just stalk us online. We’ll drop hints every now and then. LOL.

Stay Golden

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