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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Birthday Month Haul

March Haul

New month again! So I’ve got another roundup of my monthly haul + a few gifts I’ve received from friends this March. I did some kind of a spree this month–because birthday. Everything’s supposed to be reasonable. Even midnight internet impulse buys. Haha.
P.S. This is a long haul.

March Haul 1

Aside from the internet, I did a little book and craft store hopping–first on my ‘have to have’ list is In Case You Come Back (Php 250). I bought this at the end of February but placing it here anyway. It’s a collection of poems written by Marla Miniano and Reese Lansangan, and it’s full of illustrations by Jamie Catt! (I’ve drawn and written about Jamie and my other favorite people on the internet here.) Then a week after, I got my hands on BJ Pascual‘s book, Push (Php 395). Finally! I have to place this out there: I’m BJ’s hugest fan! So maybe not the super obsessed kind (though malapit na lol), but omg do I stalk him. I even have magazines from maybe 10 years ago when he was just starting out. I don’t know why I didn’t buy the book as soon it was released, maybe because the media was advertising it with top teen actresses’ faces, that it looks as if it’s more about them when what I wanted was my bb BJ. But so happy I have it now. And his letter to self at the start of it made me cry. #babawko4evs

March Haul 2

March Haul 3

March Haul 4

Next is my Sunday Paper Co hoard! I was supposed to buy just the Any Year Planner (Php 875) (even though I have planners stacked up already, but it’s made by Mikka Wee so #support to people I love but never met lol). And I got it when they’ve stocked up on Common Room. Plus, got myself brush and drawing pens from Zig. So I opened it up and loved the paper, but mostly the design and simplicity of it, and then I went ahead and bought a few (lot) more of their products online. In the middle of writing a paper. At maybe 2 am. Now I’ve got the Travel Journal (Php 680) which is beyond awesome! I thought only the pre-orders would have the pouch but mine was delivered with one too. It’s a collaboration of Abbey Sy and Maine Manalansan. Another 2 of those people I love and never met, wew. Then I’ve got myself the Simple Set: 2 unlined notebooks (Php 350), 1 of which is of the kraft colored cover, and another is black. And lastly a Slip Notebook Set (Php 150), 2 mini notebooks. I haven’t used all of ’em yet, and maybe you’d want to see how I use them, journaling, like a review and stuff?

March Haul 5

A friend of mine gave me more notebooks. Yay! Can’t have too much notebooks. And a pen roller which I’ve been using constantly. I’ve always wanted one for my brushes but always decide not to buy. So I’m so happy when I opened up the bag and saw this inside. Thank you Nors! ❤️ I’m pretty sure she got these from Common Room as well, because I almost live there. Haha. Then got myself a Rhodia Pad. It’s where I painted the Disney Princesses post, though it’s better for just sketching.

March Haul 6

And I now have my photobooks (Php 550-730, depends on # of pages)! Had them printed by Fotogra. They’ve been liking my Instagram posts since last year and I wanted to order from them, but only got to do the layouting lately. Because I really wanted it to look like a travel diary of some sort. And so happy with the results! It takes 3 weeks to process your printing order but it was worth the wait.

March Haul 7

I’ve actually published these over at Issuu, and you can check my Bangkok photobook here. And placing my Hong Kong one below! It’s photo heavy though. Planning to order more, maybe a zine of artworks and definitely those of my other travel logs.

Now on to girly things. LOL. Apparently, I’m still partly girly. Though most of which are gifts because I’d rather buy other things, obviously.

March Haul 8

Lip colors! The only make up I have and will wear. Though I still just usually use lip balm, I’m liking getting these lately. Started buying for “work” or so I look presentable in meetings. My mom would be so proud. I have Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Colors (Php 180 or 220?) in Sand Storm and Cinnamon Spice. Sandstorm is my weekend go to! And they don’t dry my lips that much + colors are so nice. And they’re cheap! Then I wanted to try out NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Php 300) if it lives up to the hype. I got it in Athens. I love the color but maeffort for me. Tamad, I like the swipe and go better.

March Haul 9

Clothes for my already so full, it’s scary, closet. The wool sweater and blue top are from British brand F&F and they’re a super steal, sobrang saya ko, paid just Php 495 for both already! It was on a buy 1 take 1 pay for the higher priced item sale in Wellworth. Now I just need it to be cold so I could hug my sweater. The other tank tops are from New Look, given by family friends. Then a friend bought me my Zalora wishlist items. Haha. Logged onto my account and checked it out. A pair of nude heels for my adulting needs–probably only going to be worn twice and then changed into sneakers right after. Then tote bags. I buy them for placing my pads and art supplies in whenever I go somewhere, to separate them from my other things. The black one though is from Couch.

March Haul 10

And lastly, Sims 3 for PS3. I know there’s a Sims 4 for PC already but if I get that one on my laptop, I’m never going to have a life again. It’s going to be like me and my Nintendo phase/lyf circa grade school and high school.

That was a lot I’ve said and if you’ve reached this part, whoa for you. Thanks for reading through. Any things you bought and love this month?

Disclaimer: None of these are sponsored. Just a hoarder hoarding things. 😂

Stay Golden

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