Louise Ramos | The Sunday Currently Vol. 31
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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The Sunday Currently Vol. 31

The Sunday Currently Vol. 31

So here I am after almost a month, writing yet again another The Sunday Currently post! Yas! Way to go, consistency. *rolls eyes* LOL But setting that aside, loving this Sunday! For realz. Started out watching my regular Korean variety show while eating brunch, when my parents decided to give us a surprise visit in the condo. (Didn’t go home for the weekend) Which meant, free food and groceries! Haha. I feel so like a tita being happy over groceries. The best thing they brought is a box of blueberry cheese(cup)cakes that my aunt bakes which I’m actually filling my face in as I’m typing this. They’re so good!

As for my featured photo, it’s the highlight of my day! I attended a zine making workshop by Maine Manalansan x Sunday Paper Co! It’s my first time spending for a workshop though I’ve been meaning to attend one (mostly on watercolor) for who knows how long. But I didn’t want to pay that much for just a few hours thinking I should just buy materials and go on Pinterest, so I always passed on it. And this time, I just booked it. Like okay, take my money, sign me up. It’s Maine Manalansan! She’s so Instagram envy. You can check her Instagram, @millimetrs, and over at her website.
People don’t really know this, but my dream job as a teenager (actually, up until now, but wtf, my uni life is so far from this) is to work for a magazine. I love some good layouting! The closest I have to that is on my photobooks. And I’m planning to make zines to publish here and on print, with my art on them, so I had a few things to learn on the topic. I’ll be talking about what I learned in the workshop on a different post because this is getting too long and I bet you’re skipping on the reading already. Because I would. 😂


  • READING nothing at the moment. After finishing book after book after book last time, I’m on hiatus right now. But I should get back to it though.
  • WRITING draft blog posts for Hey Kessy. Intern stuff.
  • LISTENING to Once in a While by Timeflies. Daily Lift playlist on Spotify is actually on loop.
  • THINKING I should compile thesis data tomorrow. I should. I will. Hopefully.
  • SMELLING cupcakes. Not just any cupcake, but homemade blueberry cheesecupcakes! Happiness in a cup!
  • WISHING I graduate in June.
  • HOPING I graduate in June. LOL. Why are we so close to May already? What have I done for all these months? (Probably art, but whyyyy?)
  • WEARING blue shorts, black tank top, draping a giant sweater over my shoulders because I’m partially cold, but if I wear it, it’ll be hot. Problems.
  • LOVING the Vietnamese coffee from St. Marc Cafe. Huhu. I want one now, but I told myself I couldn’t have it three days in a row. If I do, I’m tagging myself as gluttonous and that is bad, right?
  • WANTING to make a zine now, but have to set my priorities first. And a vacation. Probably need a vacation the most.
  • NEEDING to make thesis progress. And clean our unit up. My art materials and references are everywhere.
  • FEELING like I want to sleep early because thinking about the things I need to do and weighing them from what I want to do is tiring.
  • CLICKING Bloglovin’, social media, my typical let-me-pass-time websites. Cray.

Stay Golden

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